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  1. Great gig! I loved Agitated and Yes Please, but I read from musewiki that bliss was on the setlist, but not played. WTF?
  2. Thank you! I wish the same for you too! (:

  3. Hi, Muser! I wish you very very Happy Christmas and Pwoper New Year. Cheers! :D

  4. I usually never hear muse on the radio, but today I heard Sunburn and Time is running out!
  5. Me and my brother are on our way to Helsinki! We have seated tickets though, so we won't be queuing.
  6. Ai että! Ihanaa! Ja hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää kaikille!
  7. I'm so scared that the gig will get cancelled...
  8. Yeah, horse shows are nice, but I would choose Muse too! oh my god, Muse are coming to Finland again next summer!!! I will try to get tickets :) I just hope it's not in the same week as my confirmation camp :/

  9. Hmm, the horse show sounded fun! I love the horse show that comes to London each year. It's called Olympia - I've been twice but now it's either or for seeing Muse or going to the horse show. This year it was Muse instead of any horse show(s) and next year I'm hoping it'll be Muse again! Haha! It's not that I'm going off of horse shows or anything, It's just that I love Muse so much that I'd do anything to see them live again! :D

  10. Christmas always makes me happy! I hope you do well in your exams! We have a swedish exam tomorrow, and finnish on Wednesday. Heavy snow hasn't affected my school life, but maybe it does in the northern part of Finland? :D Our snow melted away already...

    Yes, the Helsinki Horse Show is every year. I have been there three times now. It's always nice to be there and see the pro riders do their thing, you know? And the Ex president of Finland I saw was Tarja Halonen . I was a few meters away, we were just leaving and she was walking around and looking at some paintings. Someone from our company just whispered to my ear "It's Tarja Halonen, It's Tarja Halonen!". I'm impressed that you know Martti Ahtisaari, many foreigners don't know that much about Finland!

  11. Ah the mention of Christmas brightens my hopes at the moment; yes, I've come to end of my Autumn holiday too which means exams, exams and more exams all the way up to Christmas now! Nooo! Woah! You have snow already! Awesome! Does heavy snow affect the schools in Finland? Do they have to close I mean because the conditions are dangerous?

    Here, I don't think we've even hit minus yet (and there was me moaning about the cold the other day! Haha!) I think the coldest we had was about 2c the other day...

    Ohhh, the horse show sounds awesome! Is that an annual thing?

    Ahh, the ex president of Finland... Is that the Martti Ahtisaari guy? Or am I thinking of the wrong person? That must have been a 'Woah... What do I do?' moment. - Would be for me anyway! Haha! How close were you? I guess he must have been standing in one of those VIP boxes or something?

  12. I know :D Yes, I enjoyed it very much actually! :) Yeah it snowed, but it's melted already :/ Skyfall was BRILLIANT :D You should see it :)

  13. Ugh it's always such a low feeling when school starts again. :( Did you enjoy your autumn holiday though? :) Ooh it snowed? I want snow!! :D It's so hot here. :rolleyes: Oh awesome! How was Skyfall? Amazing? :D I hope to see it soon, too. And I'm doing great, thanks. :)

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