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Lord MFC

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Hey MFC, great idea! ;)


Does anyone else not love the headstock? It looks to me like a blunt version of the Manson's one, which I don't quite love....


I like it just fine. I'm not sure if that's the standard shape now or not...I think I had asked him when I bought the Crematercaster, but I can't remember what he said


The Starkaster has a slightly different shaped headstock. Not sure which I prefer really



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The Starkaster....eeurhghruerhgheuehrghgghhhhherrhhuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhg :eek:




It's pretty unique. Only thing is that it's a tad dark sounding, but I'm not sure if I want to change anything (which would be the pots) as the neck pickup is the best I've ever heard.




Oh and also, that new one he just did...pretty cool idea making a burst finish just using a torch :awesome:

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Sorry to swipe pics off your FB Tim, but couldn't resist this one.






It was a surprise to see this, I came up with exactly the same thing a while back, only with a rosewood board and chrome knobs. Sexy guitar is sexy.


Now that is nice. Anyone want to get Lazza's opinion on the details of the finish? :chuckle:

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