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  1. Stop lurking on a lurker!





  2. Fuck yeah Robosaurus!


    Robosaurus at Seminole Casino in Hollywood, Flori…:

  3. Have you seen the great hall? It's smaller than plymouth pavilions!

  4. Wow dead thread is dead. I'm out of here, goodniiiight!

  5. Surprisingly not the first time!


    I thought everyone would've learned by now hahahaha!

  6. Hiya! This is Kerrie who met you at Emirates (along with Lauren.) :)


    It was really cool to meet you and Alice! Did you enjoy the gig?

  7. YES. :eek:


    WHERE HAVE WE BEEN?????? :eek: :eek: :stunned:




    ...Oh that's right, Msn. :ninja::pimp:

  8. WhY yEs I dO bElIeVe So!!!!!!!!!

  9. i do beg to differ my friend!



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