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  1. So I'm thinking off selling off the majority of Muse Collection (a list of most of what I have can be found on my profile) as I really need the space it's all taking up. Looking for advice whether I should stick it all on ebay together or auction it as individual items?
  2. Sober Dark Shines (it's not that I don't like it, I just usually forget it's there!) For Absolution there is none that I don't particularly like Starlight Resistance Madness/Explorers Drones/Mercy
  3. This is currently floating around Twitter. Never seen or heard of it before, is it legit? If it is, it's a bit odd it skips out on a few of the albums... http://museboxset.weebly.com/store/p1/Muse_Drones_Limited_Edition_CD_Boxset.html
  4. As odd as this thread is, I'm now tempted to try Muse on my Bearded Dragon too... she only moves for crickets!
  5. Going to avoid listening to The Handler until release day because I don't want to spoil myself too much beforehand. This is going to be so hard.
  6. Stop lurking on a lurker!





  7. Confirmed: Album 8 is a heavy and theatrical concept album about the extinction of dinosaurs and the early rise of man. The latter half of the album explores how fossil fuels are killing the planet and how man rely on the remains of extinct creatures in order to advance technologically.
  8. Oh it is! Can't you tell? Going by the comparison with NSC, I wouldn't say it's a fist to the face... but more a mild slap as it's not nearly as cheesy (to me anyway).
  9. Fuck yeah Robosaurus!


    Robosaurus at Seminole Casino in Hollywood, Flori…:

  10. Have you seen the great hall? It's smaller than plymouth pavilions!

  11. This thread has been so active over the past week, now an actual big announcement has come along the thread dies and we're discussing the full track length of a CD This was a great time to come out from lurking in the shadows. The first single will be released today, correct?
  12. Wow dead thread is dead. I'm out of here, goodniiiight!

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