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  1. Hi everyone, I'm thinking about selling in a few days, a MoC that I've made 3 years ago. Inspired by the DeLorean / DL-1 proto. Sold !
  2. I think he talked about the bridge humbucker included in the "Fsk 401" set. Yeap, you don't need to use it (it is cheap btw). You can replace it with any bridge pickup you want. Like the Mbk-2. But you can't buy the "Fsk 401" set without the bridge humbucker.
  3. Nope ! This one will be very simple and the finish too. I will not do again the rust finish, unless i'm bored of the simple finish I'll do on it Tomorrow I'll finish the body work
  4. Braun

    Human Gear Animato

    Yeah.. .. I approve that For the Animato, To be honest, I don't like these kind of distortions for bass, too much noise (metallic, frets). Animato is very expensive, there must be a lot better elsewhere for less. I prefer fuzz.
  5. Hello.

    Do you have facebook or email so i can contact you regarding some guitar building?

    Been a member on here since 2005, own a few manson guitars and play in a band which have played to 30,000 people! Perhaps we could do a collaboration project. Your work looks very good, especially interested in how you achieved the rusty paint look - been after that for years but mansons ran out!






  6. Braun

    Human Gear Animato

    and what ? This is false : Chris never used WoollyM in live and studio before 2009, before Resistance. And it is not used for TIRO. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZMnwwAqa_Q?t=2m54s Posted in the first page, DI Demo but "doesn't do the sound justice" or "colored" ... ...Obviously, it's better with a Rapture and a DBS stack
  7. I hesitated, something like a "Ali Top / Delorean / DL-1 proto" and another project a bit ... "original" (just for fun, not expensive, really cheap, btw) I started on this one, and the day I want to change, I'll build the DL-like I'll post pics
  8. I built the "Mirror" few years ago for a friend, but I only sold the ""Rust Relic"" to Tom for another project.
  9. Hi Tom, I'm glad you like it Looks very cool with the Mbk3, reminds me a guitar that I made earlier (bridge - GFS Dream 180)
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