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  1. Hey, how are the adventures in post-rock going? Or were those Dave's adventures? Anyway, how's tricks?

  2. game iwin good, game teen teen 3D game ionline , game game iwin hot game bigone HOT

  3. get your ass on skype

  4. Happy Birthday Will! Hope you had a great time at the gig too! :)

  5. Happy birthday! :party:

  6. Will do you play any jazz guitar? :)

  7. Hyacinth Buckeeeeeeet

  8. orite will!!!! how ya doin!

  9. busy due to?

    I am alarmingly lazy and unproductive as of late. It's actually kind of pissing me off. But otherwise reallyreally great. (: Got a lot of loot for christmas?

  10. iBeen ite cheerz! Had a few quiet days, probably needed it considering how busy I've been :LOL: How about you?

  11. oh okayoaykak. how have you been man?

  12. Nice one! And yep, Emirates second night and Manchester

  13. I am! :D Got tickets for Coventry and Manchester atm. Will probably get London ones too. Are you attending any? :)

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