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  1. Thanks dude! Look forward to hearing your stuff
  2. Hey doods - I just released a new track. It's nothing big and there is hopefully lots more to come at some point. I recorded the vocals in a bunch of different outside places and spliced them together to try and get a kind of audio patchwork/collage going on.. it wasn't totally successful in terms of being able to tell, but it was a lot of fun! Here or here if you wanna download (just in case )
  3. Selling a couple items as I'm reshuffling my setup. Both on Ebay but I'll happily take a tenner off for any boardies. Probably only willing to ship in the UK though. Korg Kaossilator Pro Blackstar HT Dual
  4. Finished a track for uni, but it'll probably end up on a proper release at some point as it came out pretty well. Would love some feedback!
  5. Is that from the first or second night? Because there's a mistake in the solo there, at the very beginning. If it's from the first maybe that's why he's got the backing track now Poor Morgan
  6. Yeah, my mistake, I read that completely wrong Basically, unless the audio's been replaced in the video (not likely obviously), or Morgan is playing the guitar part as Dom said, then he's definitely miming. Even the rest of the guitar part sounds a little off, it just doesn't sound live. What's the deal with Morgan on this tour? Where actually is he? I agree though, if he's playing the parts, the crowd shouldn't be duped into thinking it's Matt.
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