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  1. Hm, almost seems too good to be true considering it's new and £100 off retail. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-KORG-KAOSS-PAD-3-KP3-Plus-Dynamic-Effects-Sampler-Free-Shipping-/111377612862?pt=US_Signal_Processors_Rack_Effects&hash=item19ee9f803e
  2. I expected so, gonna need to hear a pair of VXTs soon. I'm tempted by those newish Yamaha ones too, but I think that's just because I know that the NS10's are renowned, so I'm telling myself "well obviously they're gonna be decent cuz Yamaha" when they probably aren't.
  3. At dat price, I'd make do. Anything will be far better than my non-weighted 49key right now. I've also been looking into monitors for a while, you're rocking a pair of KRK VXT's if i remember correctly? It seems that everyone and their nan has a pair of KRK Rokit's and I'm really not sold on how they sound. I've used a couple of Dynaudio monitors which I've liked.
  4. Computer-music folk, I need a new MIDI keyboard, what's the latest and greatest? I don't need any bells and whistles, knobs and pads and shit (I have an Akai MPD32 for that), I'd just really like some nice feeling weighted keys, and a lot of them. 61 would be nice, but if a fairly priced 88-key controller exists I'm all for it! EDIT: something like this but i really don't want to have to sell my family to buy it http://www.dawsons.co.uk/roland-a-88-usb-midi-keyboard-controller
  5. JJ

    Mixing Thread

    Haha, I meant in general. Satire. Although muse do love 2 compres
  6. I used to think that too, and liked how he slated "DJ's" who just press play and fade into each track. Fast forward two years and he does this big blog post on how he just presses play and lets Ableton do all the work. What a potato. Fuck Skrillex though.
  7. Hm, if you've not got them already, you'll need to get some RCA phono stereo to jack cables for your kaoss pad, or use the available mic input for your guitar signal. If you decide you don't want to use the Send/Return FX loop for whatever reason, you will need some sort of signal boost pedal as the Kaoss Pad sucks quite a lot of tone and volume. Other than that, you should be good to go!
  8. If you do decide to do a demo video, you must run them both at the same time for ultimate squeals.
  9. Ah, yeah Sims are pretty good at what they do, so I'm assuming it's the MIDI way, which is a doddle to connect up to etc. Ahhh true, I was thinking more if you don't have an FX loop, but If you wanted to loop some sounds then of course, KP before the loop station if you're a badman. You have an FF and a fuzz probe?! Do you poop money? Jimbo?...IS THAT YOU ON ANOTHER ACCOUNT?
  10. Yeah that's basically it. Do you know how the controller screen has been implemented? Does it rely on MIDI cables or the popular VGA cable method? If MIDI, the ports are located on the back of the KP, and if the latter, there will have been some kind of work around/modification to the actual Kaoss Pad. Good call on getting rid of the Metal Zone, a nice overdrive can go a long way. Good luck in Afghanistan by the way!
  11. Kaoss Pad goes at the end of the chain, always. Tuner > Compressor > Overdrive > Phase 90 > Delay > (maybe put KP here) Amp If your amp has what's called a Send/Return circuit, use that for the Kaoss Pad. Left Metal Zone out because fuck the Metal Zone. As a side note, Matt doesn't use the Fuzz Factory for any of his tones, and is purely there for the oscillation/squeal noises. Have fun. Jordan.
  12. I just know that guitar would be really nice to play, maybe even quite good sounding...but it does look a bit ghey.
  13. Slicer...for bass? I'm sure you play guitar too but I do remember you having a crazy-huge bass pedalboard. I quite liked the idea of the Boss Slicer, but its hella expensive for a kinda one-trick-pony effect.
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