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    Can't be bothered to fill this out properly, so I guess you could say I'm lazy :P (this about me also hasn't been updated in 6 years...)
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    Devon/ Herts
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    I like robots and big scary death monsters... sometimes they are the same thing.
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    Special Effects and Model Design student
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    Back To The Future
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    Rick and Morty
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    Showbiz album
    Unintended CD1 & 2
    Sunburn CD1 & 2
    Origin of Symmetry album
    Plug In Baby CD 1 & 2
    New Born CD 1 & 2
    Bliss CD 1 & 2
    Feeling Good/Hyper Music CD 1 & 2
    Hullabaloo album
    Dead Star/In Your World CD1 & Vinyl
    Absolution album (+ The Making of Absolution DVD)
    Time is Running out CD + DVD
    Hysteria CD
    Sing for Absolution CD + DVD
    Black Holes & Revelations album (+ Tour Edition DVD)
    Supermassive Black Hole CD + DVD
    Starlight CD + DVD
    Knights of Cydonia CD
    Haarp Album + DVD
    The Resistance deluxe boxset
    Uprising CD & Vinyl
    Resistance CD single and Vinyl
    NME 1 Love Compliation CD
    Muse: A Supermassive Selection Compliation CD
    A canvas print of MUSE
    BH&R promotional poster
    Seaside Rendevous poster
    The Resistance artwork poster
    The Resistance era band photo door length poster
    United States of Eurasia flag
    4 T-shirts
    Muse Tour photo book
    Resistance Puzzle
    Absolution tour DVD
    Hullabaloo tour DVD
    Guitar tabulature boo
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    I have attended The seaside rendevous @ Teignmouth, Saturday the 5th September 2009.
    Wembley Stadium 10/09/10 (lol)
    Reading Festival 2011
    O2 Arena 27th october 2012
    London Emirates Stadium 26th May 2013
    World War Z Premier 2nd June 2013
    Psycho tour Exeter Great Hall 20th March 2015
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  1. So I'm thinking off selling off the majority of Muse Collection (a list of most of what I have can be found on my profile) as I really need the space it's all taking up. Looking for advice whether I should stick it all on ebay together or auction it as individual items?
  2. Sober Dark Shines (it's not that I don't like it, I just usually forget it's there!) For Absolution there is none that I don't particularly like Starlight Resistance Madness/Explorers Drones/Mercy
  3. This is currently floating around Twitter. Never seen or heard of it before, is it legit? If it is, it's a bit odd it skips out on a few of the albums... http://museboxset.weebly.com/store/p1/Muse_Drones_Limited_Edition_CD_Boxset.html
  4. As odd as this thread is, I'm now tempted to try Muse on my Bearded Dragon too... she only moves for crickets!
  5. Going to avoid listening to The Handler until release day because I don't want to spoil myself too much beforehand. This is going to be so hard.
  6. Stop lurking on a lurker!





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