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  1. iBeen ite cheerz! Had a few quiet days, probably needed it considering how busy I've been :LOL: How about you?

  2. Nice one! And yep, Emirates second night and Manchester

  3. And you too! :D have a great christmas mate. you going to any stadiums next year?

  4. Got Skype, yeah! Gimme a PM with yours if you want

  5. Ah, you've gotta work through it man! Come up with strategies to conquer it like, I know it's a bit different to anxiety and I know sometimes you cannae do much but it's something.


    Yah, can be a bitch, although as I've gotten older I've gotten better and better at coping with it. INDEED, thankee :awesome:

  6. BUT WITH MATHS I KNOW. And yeah I did, because of my anxiety I had a massive break in the middle of the first exam and couldn't concentrate so I was sure that I'd messed it up! But noap, although everyone did say they thought that exam was hard so I think they might've marked it up a bit. Fucking relief :LOL: I can at least give college a go now

  7. Messages at 5:43am clearly don't get through to me as well :mad: SORRY MAN, I honestly didn't realise you'd messaged, dunno why I didn't notice the notification. Did the all nighter work? And that is genuinely brilliant news about the depression, keep working at it breda, this kind of stuff takes work but it's definitely doable! That's great that everyone's supportive too

  8. Synthy type arpeggiated stuff too, although maybe that's just what I want to make :LOL:

  9. That first one is good, didn't like it at first but it builds up into some mega good stuffs :yesey: It's more that kind of mystical, trancey kind of electronic that I'm after. Found some amazing mixes on Soundcloud a while ago but now I can't find them.


    BUT YES, more of that type plspls.


    I'm good! I've unfortunately turned slightly nocturnal which isn't very good considering I have college in less than a month. YOU?

  10. I FOOKIN AGREE, link me laddy

  11. There needs to be a version of that smiley that says "Sirius" instead

  12. straigt up sirius tbf

  13. bbz wel harshers

  14. ew who are you

  15. Will_

    Awh yeah :awesome: Yeah I'm alrighty! Sorting out college stuff which is wicked! Gonna be a massive step for me init, if I make it

  16. Will_

    STRAIGHT UP BOYO. How goes it?

  17. Ah dude :( At least you get to try again. I totally get the motivation issues though. I get that with being homeschooled, especially maths; if your heart isn't in it then it makes it so much harder to will yourself to do it. And my anxiety's stopped me a bit in the way that your depression does. Does it get bad?

  18. That's shit. How come though, you seem a clever enough bloke?


    Getting below 60%'s harsh too, I'm never gonna get more than that in my Maths GCSEs this week but I could still get a B if I get in the 50s...

  19. AHOY. What does this mean? :(

  20. It went good mate! Knackering, like most exams are for me, but I'm happy enough! Just gotta hope and pray that maths will go ok now :LOL: How goes Chem revision?

  21. Cool! Yes indeed I am!

  22. I assumed init! You live in Switzerland oui?

  23. OMIGAWD YEH. What time is it tharrr?

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