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  1. Well I got a job at a movie theater, got a car, and that's pretty much it. Still have a year left of high school, and then I'm out of my house. Preferably somewhere on the East Coast or West, hopefully in Boston or somewhere in California

  2. Oh my gosh! It's been...different to say the least. Lot's of good things and not so good things going on lately.

    How have things been with you??

  3. Try kit and tab for sheet music haha

  4. Thank you very much!(:

  5. Thanks bro! means a lot :)

  6. Right now it's just sorta talking to others about it, mainly my friend Savanah and my therapist. It does relieve stress but there's still a shit load left from everything. I'm really lucky that I have parents who give a fuck about what goes on in my life, though a lot of the time it really doesn't seem like my dad does with his OCD

  7. my story on the second page of "How Muse Saved My Life" is how i found out. Quite a sad way but I've been listening ever since!

  8. The weather here in Arizona has been real strange too haha. I'm tired and sore, and even though it's still early(ish) i should probably go to sleep soon haha. How did you find out about Muse?

  9. Hello!! How are you?

  10. I've been really fuckin busy lately, but only 4 days of school left so after that I'll probably be in chat more haha. How are things?

  11. PROC!!! How are ya man?

  12. Korni!!! Hi how are you? Haven't heard from u in such a long time :(

  13. NINJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y u in chat no more? :(

  14. Well I wish i could say i was chillaxin hahah, but there's soo much stuff going on. Of course I play a shit load of bass much more than i play guitar so im actually better at bass hahaha. Next school year though I'm (hopefully) going to be attending a performing arts high school, so that should be interesting :LOL:. Btw awesome guitar playing man

  15. Yo man whats up? Hows becoming the next flea going? :p

  16. Well thank you very much haha. Sorry for the delayed response I've been quite busy. Are u new to the boards? I haven't seen you around here.

  17. merry CHRISmas to you too haha

  18. piano has always seemed fun to play. i love guitar and bass too. merry chirstmas :)

  19. whats been going on luna? havnt chatted in a while

  20. Id love to learn how to play drums, but it probably wont happen in the near future. you?

  21. i had lessons for a year and 1/4 and picked up the bass and have been playing lots of muse on just bass lately. i still jam with my guitar but ive been mainly on bass

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