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  1. Hat

    Well yeah, I'm still on both skype and facebook.

  2. Korni

    Is there any way to reach you, even?

  3. Hat

    Well you haven't spoken to me either! But let me tell you, I most definitely probably exist.

  4. Korni

    You haven't spoken to me in YEARS I forgot you exist

  5. Korni

    You slut.

  6. Oooops, I know everybody can`t understand.

    It`s my problem.

    But thank you for coming to my place!

  7. Oi, you didn't hurt me? You didn't hurt anyone. I just didn't understand you.

  8. Sorry,I may hurt you.

  9. well, I've sent out about a gazillion, and it shows me I only sent one. I guess the boards just don't store them to have more space on here.

  10. My private messages folder tells that there's 0 sent items, but I have sent a few already

    Is it normal? That confuses me a bit :erm:

  11. you're not left out :p

  12. Thanks for posting smth on my visitor messages page even if it's 'boo'

    Feeling less and less left out here :awesome:

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