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    I'm playing the piano and just took up guitar lessons.I'm an artist(if you can call me like that);just love drawing.
    And if you're reading this right now please spend a little moar time to check out my comic!
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    Greece -.-'
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    Muse, Coldplay,Madrugada,Depeche Mode, Marilyn Manson
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    Huge list
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    Doctor Who and some not-vewy-amuzing greek programs
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    Twilight series, various Stephen King's books
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    Hullabaloo, BH&R
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    Come to Greece so I can write something here xP
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  1. hi nice to meet you..I love grace ;)

  2. Why,thank you Sam! Why!?It was awesome!Isn't that a crying same?
  3. I had a dream kinda weird but fun! I was in a small souvenir shop with wooden walls and was standing next to a door with by bf.He kissed and suddenly the door opens slowly and Dom appears,sitting with a newspaper in his hands,looking at us kind of stunned. Then the scenery changed.We were at the beach.Me and a woman(who I think was Kelly) were swimming while the 3 guys were lieing on the beach.Suddenly,they get up and get in the water.While Dom was holding Matt's head in the water and Matt was his hands hysterically I was like "Dom,you're like an ancient god with this swimsuit":LOL: Then,I saw Dom trying to write something on the wet sand and he told me that he wanted to ask a girl to marry him. The last thing I can remember was me and Dom in a store and Dom was looking for his present for me and was pouting coz he couldn't find any leoparnt printed jackets for men:LOL:
  4. Hello there! I haven't been on here since..I don't even remember since when! I kinda missed the boards and all the musers! I almost forgot how to post in here:rolleyes:As you've already guess I'm back just for a little to upload the next page of the comic,which is vewy late mostly due to my laziness lately.I'll try finish page 9 earlier(that's not a promise!).I'll ry to draw it until next Sunday because I'll be away in a 3-day school trip:dance: I would have post it yesterday but TinyPic wouldn't work pwoperly. I really hope you like it,guyz! Page 8
  5. Wow! I haven't been here on ages!And this thread is almost dead right? Well,I won't make any promises about the next page since it's veeeeewy late and I'm not sure about when it'll be finished.I have just finished sketching it so... Oh,thank you! Yeah,I noticed that too after I had uploaded it.They also disappear after the first or second page:LOL: Thanksss! Lol.That would be a good one! I'll see if I can add it on the following pages;)
  6. YKYATMW...my friends organised a kind-of party in school for my bday today(they were waiting for me with a chocolate donut and a candle on it:chuckle: ),and also i got 2 presents,and a couple of b-day cards on which my friend wrote: "Muse are gay!!! --->No just kidding.They're quite good actually:D" and on the cover there was her version of Hysteria "Hysteeeeeria Hysteeeeria I have Hysteeeeriaaaaaa! (song by Vasilia ft. Muse)"! I couldn't stop laughing for the rest of the day!
  7. Here's the link http://www.scribd.com/ You may find some good tabs there.
  8. YKYATMW you freak out when you see this!:awesome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSKMVyTzJ3Y (this is the secong board I put it in.I guess until midnight this will be everywhere if I keep on doing this:chuckle: )
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