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  1. So I'm new at this concert stuff. I live in Alaska but I will be in Oregon for this concert. GA admission? Or reserved seating? Which should I do? I don't know!!
  2. Hey! I see you are from Alaska! So am I! I live in Kenai. I haven't met anyone else from AK on here so I am excited. :)

  3. Yes. Talking to people, I think, is one of the best things when you are going through hard times. It is always so much easier when you are surrounded with people who know whats going on and who care about you. I'm glad to hear you have a good relationship with your parents. Thats not very common these days.

  4. Right now it's just sorta talking to others about it, mainly my friend Savanah and my therapist. It does relieve stress but there's still a shit load left from everything. I'm really lucky that I have parents who give a fuck about what goes on in my life, though a lot of the time it really doesn't seem like my dad does with his OCD

  5. Oh ya! I read that! Duh! Haha. That is really sad. How are you coping?

  6. my story on the second page of "How Muse Saved My Life" is how i found out. Quite a sad way but I've been listening ever since!

  7. Haha. I found them through a friend who liked them who found them from another friend who actually heard them from the Twilight soundtrack. Haha. You?

  8. The weather here in Arizona has been real strange too haha. I'm tired and sore, and even though it's still early(ish) i should probably go to sleep soon haha. How did you find out about Muse?

  9. I am good! Nice relaxing day so far, though the weather is gloomy. :(

    How are you?

  10. Hello!! How are you?

  11. Hey! Your username is awesome!

  12. kh95

    Hello. I know you don't know me but I just have a question. I was reading a thread and I saw that your location says Ministry of Love so you must have read 1984 right? Anyways, I just got done reading it (LOVE IT) for a school project, and we have to describe how we would make our book into a movie and who would we pick to play the characters. I can't seem to think of anyone for Winston. I thought I would see what you think. Thanks!

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