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  1. Soooo for the bf's business he just bought a canon 5D mark III and a glidecam. Soooo fun to play with.
  2. ninja

    Some Sculptures

    They're so awesome!
  3. My bf runs a cycling site and takes photos for it on our dslr. For the site to load quickly the images have to be around 300kb, so when we edit them we change the file size in photoshop by making it minimum quality. Of course, this means the photos have lines where there is a change in colour (ie most noticeable in the sky when there is a soft gradient) Is there a way to compress the file size to something that low without making them look so yuck?
  4. Blah I suck at this 365 day thing and I've only been doing it 10 days! One day, bf deleted the picture I did and I keep having to make up for lost days. Does that make them not count?
  5. Thanks guys, I will download Only got one ok firework photo because drunk me forgot our tripod. Sad panda Ah it's so expensive, Maybe in a few months
  6. I don't purely because I can never come up with names that don't sound wanky (I'm not the most... creative person ) I don't use anything atm, just downloaded the free version of cs2 for my new photos Is lightroom easier? I'm fairly familiar with the ropes of photoshop, but whatever is easy will do me edit: omfg I need to top using the smiley!
  7. I will get better, but here are some with the new lens. Any feedback is appreciated DSC_5672 by franzsairdinand, on Flickr DSC_5669 by franzsairdinand, on Flickr
  8. I think I will start a 365 day project. I really need to improve my skills...
  9. Bought the bf and myself the 50mm f1.8 for Xmas. Very excited to have a play with it!!
  10. Thought he was a kingfisher but I think it's too small! Nice pics
  11. I painted one of my cats as a Father's Day pressie for my dad. It turned out alright I spose apart from the eyes which I think are too big and a little wonky. Oh wells
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