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  • Birthday 05/12/1987

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    I´m a designer, bery funn, i play guitar and drums, i had a band ( i was the singer). now im working as a designer and ending my studs.
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    BAires (argentina)
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    my stuffs
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    Designer (graphic & clothing)
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    Placebo, Muse, Radiohead, Kimonos de la Geisha, Korn, Yeah yeah yeahs, and more...
  • Favourite Films
    "los sin nombre" or "The Nameless" (an movie form spain, 1999)
    all Tim Burton ´s films
    "metropolis" an old blak and withe film
    "the clock work orange" by Stanley Kubrick´s
    " el laberinto del fauno" de Guillermo del Toro
    " el orfanato" by Belén Rueda
    " the Laberynth" Jimi Henson
    "the wall" yes that one!
  • Favourite TV Shows
    I don´t like TV... usually watch music channels, but no to much
    dexter, south park, the simpsons, WKUK
  • Favourite Books
    "un mundo feliz" or "a brave new world" by ALDOUS HUXLEY
    all Poe historys
  • Muse Releases Owned
    black holes and revelations
    Origin Of Symmetry
    The resistance + dvd
    The 2nd Law
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    23 July 2008, Gran Rex, Argentina
    3 April 2010, Estadio Unico, Argentina
    26 Oct 2012, O2 Arena London
    27 Oct 2012, O2 Arena London
    26 May 2013, Emirates Stadium London
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  1. Well I got a job at a movie theater, got a car, and that's pretty much it. Still have a year left of high school, and then I'm out of my house. Preferably somewhere on the East Coast or West, hopefully in Boston or somewhere in California

  2. well I have been fine, finally moved to UK like I wanted 4 years ago ish

    what sort of good things have came up to your live?

  3. Oh my gosh! It's been...different to say the least. Lot's of good things and not so good things going on lately.

    How have things been with you??

  4. Hey how are u, its been so long !

  5. Ann How have you been all this time, best wishes for you and your Fam! x

  6. PUTOOOOOOO! copate con una aparicion espontanea en mi pertagrama hoy a la noche ;)

    U know what we could do bitch!


  7. Def u have to update me beb' cya

  8. Lexy! what is going on with the chat? I can never find anyone connected wtf...

  9. I will be on Skype for u then. Btw, wtf happen with the muse chat, there is nobody never ever now!

  10. DEB!!!!!!!! We have to talk sometime! I'll see you on Skype sometime maybe!

  11. Hey Bruce! how have you been? such a long time. X

  12. Deb!! How is it going?

  13. Oi Cate! well I am moving to england this january, that is the main reason why I let classes, but it doesnt mean I wont take some once there, even more I hope now living there to can finaly go to Portugal like I wanted all this time.

    Crist told me they are gonna take a year now to make a new albun

    how you have been?


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