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  1. I'm not musesamuse but I'll give it my best shot. (& please correct if wrong!) First, we can expect a 2nd week 'stabilization' from huge numbers in 1st wk bc now each day is being compared with the last week, & week before last all #'s were 0- not anymore. But as for the audience drop, if you look at other chart indicators, you'll see that DI is up in spins in all genres & also up in # of stations playing. So my guess is- bad news- that some huge market station (LA?NYC?) dropped the # of spins from the first days, but- good news- it's now being played more often in more smaller cities. I'd say that's Warner promo- they pushed it hard the 1st days at top stations but appeal is now spreading all over, which is good. The only question- is it catching on fast enough? I'm not sure. Mumford will be at #1 on alternative tomorrow. DI (today at #10) has *great* momentum, but others like Monsters&Men's Crystals (today at #16) might have even more. We'll see. US charts are slow & methodical, compared w rest of the world!
  2. Release date- I called it last Thursday- (was only wrong on exclusive streaming, tho Apple/Beats might have exclusive tracks or b sides) Now back to your regularly scheduled freaking!
  3. OK guys. Don't know about single release date. But we might know the album release date. 1) I agree that Matt meeting w Jimmy Iovine & tweeting about it out of the blue is a clue. There's something afoot with Muse & Apple/Beats. The guys might be ironing out the details & signing contracts etc in LA so why not rehearse while they're at it? 2) Don't think anything will happen at the March 9th Apple watch event- the focus is the watch not music. The 1st single will be released eventually in the next few weeks. 3) vegardrv upthread brought an article saying Apple/Beats music streaming service will be launched at the keynote address of the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Fran on June 8th. source: http://9to5mac.com/2015/03/05/apple-plans-relaunched-beats-streaming-music-service-for-wwdc-skipping-march-event/ Only problem is that Muse is in the middle of festival tour in June. However, there happens to be a 5 day break (June 7-11) with no gigs. Plenty of time to fly to San Fran & do other album promo in LA for an album that drops on... June 8th! The album will be exclusively streamed for sometime starting that day on Apple/Beats & eventually go elsewhere. That's my story & I'm sticking to it.
  4. (wow, I know it must be near album release time- haven't visited here in years! Had trouble remembering my name & such) A few things- 1) Interview is recent- I'd say done this past Dec or Jan because Matt says they're almost finished & only had mixing to do. 2) Author is 'Brian McKnight'- doubt that's the r&b singer but also doubt he's German. So there's gotta be an original English version out there- maybe on an American or UK version of this elusive Ticketmaster mag? 3) Empathy gap- it's actually not a made-up term from Matt & actually exists! This was sent to me by a friend & refers to exactly what Matt describes- http://joshuaspodek.com/js_blogseries/empathy-gaps-series - how people make decisions but then change their minds or lose their nerve or willpower later. He specifically says that refers to his personal life- we can only speculate who/what he means Edit- Can a German-speaker translate the intro 1st page that's not included in translation? Seems to say Drones is due in 'early May', which goes against this '0615' currently going around.
  5. Muse is #16 on Forbes' top 25 highest paid musicians for 2013 (or however they define a calendar year), tied with Rihanna at $43 million! Well done guys! http://www.forbes.com/pictures/eeel45eghfe/no-16-muse-43-million-tie/ I particularly love how they start off with "Perhaps the least famous name among music’s 25 top earners, Muse nevertheless..." translation- 'they may not be Katy Perry or JayZ but they actually do make money believe it or not!'
  6. This is part of the same interview with Matt that Fabri linked above (originally for Billboard) but with an interesting new angle: http://www.gigwise.com/blogs/85189/at-the-end-of-their-record-contract-what-will-muse-do-next This is new information to me. I knew of the 6-album contract, but thought it started with Absolution. This says older albums were included. So could it be true that they'll be self-publishing through Helium-3 or is it just silly speculation? Does it even matter?
  7. Actually, one of the band members does spend quite a bit of holiday time each year in Colorado, although not in the Boulder area. Still, this is a *very* classy move on their part. Depending on attendance, merchandise sales might represent a decent part of the band's profit, so this is certainly very kind of them!
  8. All old quotes. From a quick search on Musewiki: "magic mushrooms...comeback" is from Nov. 2006 Q Mag: http://www.musewiki.org/Q_2006-11_%E2%80%93_Best_Live_Act "Salvador Dali" part is from June 2008 Q: http://www.musewiki.org/Q_2008-06_%E2%80%93_Q%26A_Muse
  9. Thanks Fabri! Wow, Futurism was never a favorite since I mostly listen to live gigs but that was fantastic! Feel free to have more pity on us poor Warnerized US folks & put up mp3's of any of the other songs
  10. This appears to be a new(?) interview with Matt, in German, but is only available for pay to subscribers. Anyone out there with access to this site? http://www.bild.de/bild-plus/unterhaltung/musik/muse/interview-mit-saenger-matthew-bellamy-31312318,view=conversionToLogin.bild.html Headline seems to be something like- "In 10 years, after Muse, I'll be a farmer" (feel free to correct).
  11. Theremuse, eh? Go for it! Fwiw, at least part of the original story appears to be untrue. So put away your staplers pitchforks, partially at least: An Apology
  12. My ears perked up when I heard this World War Z spot on TV Saturday. Is this actually bits & variation of Unsustainable, or just very similar? I thought we were gonna have IS in the TV spots & trailers. Maybe Unsustainable is part of the 14 minutes too? Opinions? Take a look at 2nd clip: Law (music starts at :15) http://www.shocktillyoudrop.com/news/174057-a-new-tv-spot-warns-of-the-impending-world-war-z
  13. Did we know this? Looks like Philly date 9/9/13: http://www.musetourdates.com/ (scroll to last date) Along w/ Matt's 'see you in Sept', I'm expecting full fall US leg to be announced next week.
  14. :LOL: You funny, as usual. I don't even watch that much TV or basketball except for my team (yay go 'Canes in the sweet 16!!!) & I've seen Muse March Madness commercials lots of times- not the long 2min one on youtube but 30sec & 10sec versions. Not helpful? lol - just search Muse on twitter & see people constantly giving their opinion on the commercial- not all like the song or how it fits w/ March madness but most do, & by the looks of it many never heard the song till on tv. Thanks for the stats of how Madness continues to climb in radio audience & iTunes sales- but do you really think being shown on tv to millions who might not see them otherwise has *nothing* to do w/ its success right now, 8 months after it came out?
  15. It's back! So who's in the mood for spam? This year, Musical March Madness should have extra special meaning for Muse fans-- song being theme for the real March Madness & such. So vote if so inclined! Round 1- Muse is up against Kings of Leon: http://www.mtv.com/news/musical_march_madness/matches/mmm_2013_rnd1_mtch29.jhtml If interested in all matchups: http://www.mtv.com/news/musical_march_madness/
  16. No dilemma whatsoever. Be patient- any record company loves it when their artists' songs hang on seemingly forever. Madness had its record-setting run on Alternative & has now crossed over to pop where it's still gaining, a trend that will probably/hopefully continue through March Madness (early April). Meanwhile, Panic Station is gaining nicely on Alternative, possibly making top 10 within the week. It's all good!
  17. Not that it matters, but nope, looks like this time around they're private planing it the whole way, or at least so far. In Florida, they were based in Miami flying back & forth for Tampa & Orlando gigs (see Matt's tweet of Dom from Orlando charter terminal) & see DomA's de-icing plane tweet in Cleveland- small planes all around.
  18. That Tampa show (& maybe other shows) was actually booked but not announced per a Tampa radio station. Then Chris decided to make another baby & those set of dates were scratched (in addition to cancelling/shuffling already announced gigs). So maybe now they know better now than to blurt things out prematurely. Yeah
  19. Incredible! Massive! I'd been waiting a long long time for them to finally play here so it was all surreal. Swear when I heard the opening melody of Bliss I thought I was hallucinating. When I realized it was for real I freaking lost my shit, jumping like a maniac & probably annoying those around me- too bad! Husband filmed it but panned to me for a sec & am now suitably embarrassed at my ott behavior. Husband was *not* a Muse fan before concert, other than tolerating SMBH & TIRO. He asked for a playlist of their other stuff & absolutely *hated* it & didn't wanna go. Long story short, now he's converted. After Supremacy admitted 'They're much better live than on record'. He loved Animals. As for me, other than Bliss(!!!), so happy we got Explorers (sorry, I love it), disappointed it was the only piano song, happy to get SS over NB, & didn't notice lack of PiB till I read comments afterward. Yes, setlist was short, but tbh it was fine b/c I was exhausted at the end from jumping & dancing. The arena wasn't sold out which is no surprise considering I saw *zero* advertising & Muse has probably never been played on any radio here- we have no alternative station. But still a great showing- seemed filled in the end except for top 400 section. Crowd was great- we had VIP seats but I saw no one sitting down anywhere. So Fla crowds are usually sooo boring & dead- not on Friday! Gotta give props for the VIP experience. My barrier days are long over & non-fan husband wanted seats anyway so I decided to spend the money just for good seats. Was expecting crap food & long lines- not so! We breezed right in thru our own entrance (had gotten detailed email instructions where to park to be close by). The food was *great*- nice stuff like rack of lamb, & ceviche served in martini glasses! After hearing stories of pb&j sandwiches served at other venues I was not expecting this. We talked to staff to compliment them on the spread & they said to thank the band b/c each artist picks & pays for the food & they went for the good stuff. We got there during opening band (which we didn’t care about & missed) but if I’d known VIP would be so nice we’d have gone much earlier for sure. Overall, great time all around! ETA: Nice review from this show: http://consequenceofsound.net/2013/02/live-review-muse-at-bbt-center-in-sunrise-fl-222/
  20. Well fuck then I really hope you're proven wrong! Dunno about other cities but by that logic my concert (Ft Laud) will be like a 12 song set, since FtLaud-Tampa distance is about 45min longer way than Portland-Seattle distance.
  21. fyi: Muse segment starts at 59:40 This is the audio from which the CBSlocal/KROQ story of another thread came from. Matt & Dom were in great moods!
  22. That is great news about Madness remaining in Hot100! As always, thanks for your info muse s'amuse. No hard evidence, but PS is surely the next single in the US. As of today, Panic Station is being played on 20 Alternative Stations & at least 1 Rock station. It has 192 spins on Alternative over past week, +24 from yesterday and +4 spots on Alternative chart to #42. It's been on Sirius AltNation, which doesn't just accidentally play songs it happens to like. No spins on KROQ as of yet, but it's gone beyond just a few 'rogue' stations at this point. btw, Supremacy looks to be a single for the UK (or Europe) only, *not* US. There is nothing odd about this- US & UK have had different single schedules all along. Different markets, different methods.
  23. Nothing regular readers of this thread don't already know, but nice to see Madness' dominance on Alternative chart (14 weeks #1 & counting!) getting some good press in Billboard mag: Muse Inspires Alternative And-- muse s'amuse feel free to verify-- while it's not official yet, Panic Station does seem to be the follow-up single to Madness in the US, with 114 spins & 15 stations playing it as of today. Sources indicate the PS video was/is being shot in Tokyo & LA, so bring it on!
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