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Found 10 results

  1. Use this thread to post and discuss all the little Muse NME pieces that they like to spam us with, or short reviews or articles that don't require their own thread. Full length articles can have their own thread.
  2. Hands down it is Hysteria. Guys play it for your ladies and they will literally jump on you and rip off all your clothes. My other sex worthy songs are: - In Your World - Plug in Baby - Stockholm Syndrome - MK Ultra - Citizen Erased Ladies, what song is your go to song for sex? Guys, which song would you play?
  3. Throughout my many listens to The Resistance and Neutron Star Collision i have come to the conclusion that the only reason i can't appreciate their latest music (still love it) as much as their older music is that i keep comparing them. If The Resistance or NSC was the only stuff from Muse i had ever heard i just know i would never have any doubts about it and fall in love immediately. But since i know older Muse, when i listen to new stuff i always have a moment when i think how much better it would be if it had Matt's range or the dark atmosphere from Absolution for example. I can't help it I'm beginning to wonder if Muse will ever produce such passionate music again. I mean as amazing as their latest album was, their old style was so original, deep, powerful and perfect. Why are they moving away from that? When they perform live songs like PIB and SS they just dominate and they rock with such passion. Surely they wan't to go back to their roots? Please Muse, one more rock album and i'll be satisfied. Anyway is there anyone else who feels the same way?
  4. So once upon a Muse concert, me and my friend were wondering if there was any merch in the form of an all-over printed t-shirt of the Muse album artwork that existed at all... Because we thought it would look awesome. Haven't found any in existence so far so I thought I'd draw up a quick artists-impression of what they might look like and OMG I want them all. Can't find a company that would print such shirts for a decent price though. Please tell me that we're not the only ones that would buy these!
  5. Hey guys, I thought some of you would get a kick from this, or enjoy a fully scored transcription of the line. There's an explanation of how I got the sound at the end also Hopefully this doesn't break any rules, I've never seen an official bass version of Absolution, and the audio soundtrack is correctly detected and accounted for by Youtube... Video - Score - http://www.liamgaughan.com/hysteria.pdf Backing Track - http://www.liamgaughan.com/mp3s/hysteria.mp3
  6. Do you guys think they will do a 20th anniversary of Showbiz in 2019? Or a 10th anniversary of Absolution/BHAR/TR? I think they won't do a Showbiz anniversary because they said that the rehearsals for OoS songs didn't sound good. (The ones they haven't played for 7 years, i.e. Hyper Music.) If so, where?
  7. Hi all! I am looking for MUSE merch to buy for myself from the Absolution (or earlier) era. Typically at the time years ago I was a skint teenager and couldn't afford anything off their official site. Now years later I can't seem to find anything about apart from the new current merc. Been trawling through google, amazon, eBay etc but to no avail Anyone got any old items they'd be willing to sell? I take a Small / Medium ladies size but am quite happy wearing Men's baggy larger hoodies Cheers folks!
  8. I'm a Yankee Muse fan who's been casually into Muse for a long time, but I just recently started going beyond the same few songs they play on the radio in the States and realized that Muse is one of the best bands of my generation, bar none. I've bought a ton of their songs already, and I want to buy one full-length to start out. So could you guys please help me out: OoS or Absolution??? Seems to me like they're the best, but if u think others are better, state your case. Thanks!
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