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Found 24 results

  1. I'd just like to know what you think. I would go for the obvious one - Butterflies and Hurricanes. Just amazing!
  2. Searched through the forum, couldn't find a thread title with this. Anyways, what do you think is the most overrated Muse song?
  3. This has been puzzling me for a while. The producer of Quantum of Solace said that he wanted to ask Muse to do the theme song for the film but they ended up asking that Alicia Keys and it wasnt great. So it got me thinking... what current Muse song would work best for a James Bond theme song? I have been thinking about Sober but maybe not....!
  4. Its not necessarily your favourite.... my favourite song is KoC! but my fav to listen to loud is Micro Cuts or Apoc Please! :happy:
  5. and consequently that got you hooked in the first place.Mines was New Born way back in 2001.I then heard Bliss a few days later on a music channel and thought yeah thats damn good too and oh look its the same band.Then the shock took over when i heard plug in baby which i must have missed when it first came out and was hooked for life!!awesome video and i havent loked back since.
  6. Hysteria, or Futurism? Just trying to get others opinions.
  7. The definitive poll on which muse song is best. I have included six songs from each of the first 4 albums to vote for, plus five B-Sides that often pop up on the board. My apologies if I have missed out on your favourite, please comment on it if its missing and make your voice heard! Get Voting!
  8. In your opinion, which is Matt's best vocal work? IMO, he sounds phenomenal throughout The Resistance, and really shines through on Exogenesis, particularly Redemption. But he's also awesome on older songs, such as Endlessly, Ruled by Secrecy and Hoodoo. And I could go on... But what do you think?
  9. I know someone who im trying to get into Muse, and I need some help deciding on 2 or 3 songs to play them. This person likes mainstream bands, mainly. Stuff like The Fray, Mcr, RHCP. So, I dont think im going to play them anything from OoS. Right now im thinking maybe Stockholme Syndrome, Starlight, and Hysteria. I havent heard all of Muse's songs, though, so i'd like to hear from you guys.
  10. I'm sure this has been done before, but oh well. Mine's "Citizen Erased". The whole song is amazing, but the last 2 minutes is what always really gets me. I love it.
  11. Just wondering what basically your most played Muse song is on your iTunes, Windows Media Player etc...... Is not necessarily your favourite... Mine is Plug In Baby: 247 Times
  12. this has most definately been posted before but i did search and found nothing. Seeing as it was Dom's birthday yesterday i thought we should commemorate his uber talentedness by asking: what's your favourite drumming 'sequence' in a muse song? im stuck on this one. i really love the drumming on MOTP. and Invincible. But also New Born. and Hoodoo. and B&H. see, told u i was stuck!!
  13. Well... I'm very depressed atm... Erm I'm listening to Blackout an have just listened to Falling away With You, Falling Down and Sunburn (imo the piano bit is very sad ) ..more?
  14. sorry but it has to be done. Its funny to c what people say. Best muse songs people bring it on!! I have to say plug in baby, dead star, in ur world, SS, ok this could go on 4eva!! Noooooooooooooo!
  15. Just wondering, what song the gamers amongst us would like to see in the Rockband/Guitar Hero series? I think TIRO would be a good un, that and Plug in Baby!! Thoughts?
  16. OK, I know it is hard, but do you all have a favorite song on each of the 4 main albums: Showbiz, OoS, Absolution, and BH&R? If it is too hard, it is for me as well, but maybe pick the one you are into the most right now. Hmmm, for mine, i guess it goes: Showbiz: Sunburn (gotta give props to Muscle Museum tho) OoS: Citizen Erased (again hard, love Space Dementia and more..) Absolution: Hysteria BH&R: Map of the Problematique Idk if this will make a good topic cuz I love all the songs, but at least I tried
  17. Muse's two main quiet songs. I prefer unintended. invincible really is a bit boring
  18. I was thinking of playing a Muse song on Christmas, just cause I want to. Which song would have the most holiday spirit? (I already know he's atheist, but whatever.)
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