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  1. Have you seen one called Battle Royale? If you liked Audition I think you would like this movie too. It's a clockwork orange meets lord of the flies meets Japanese mind fuck.
  2. You have to wonder.."Would Nirvana still be popular today if Curt hadn't died and they kept making music?" I mean look at Pearl Jam.....I still think 10 was a great album but since they are still around and have declined in popularity (to most people anyway) people look at their later stuff and not what they first loved about the band. It was nice hearing a PJ track at the end of "Big Fish" though. I know, kind of off topic but it's been bugging me. Personally you might add Bach's Fugue in Dminor to that list of cover songs. Do you guys remember an album called Bach Busters? It was wendy carlos type of electronic classical music. Good stuff.
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