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Found 5 results

  1. What do you think? I really like Eurovision Song Contest. I am also very aware that many people find the music there absolutely atrocious. Being an open Eurovision fan, I've heard tons of critisism. But really. It would have been so amazing if Muse were to participate. For the United Kingdom! Since they are very well known in Europe, they would score lots of extra attention beforehand. Then, they would write a killer-3-minute long tune, and would have rocked Europe with it, winning the contest, and become known to every child, father and grandfather who watches Eurovision but have no clue about Muse. Muse also loves a good scene show, and that's an area Eurovision is really good at. I sometimes imagine they playing United States of Eurasia, and that they recieve a bunch of 12 points. (The rules would have to be changed slightly because one cannot perform on instruments in Eurovision, and we know how Muse reacts to that.)
  2. Fans have voted in their thousands to crown Muse the winners of Wembley's Greatest Event competition. There was fierce competition from the likes of Michael Jackson, Queen and Live Aid not to mention England's triumphant World Cup performance in 1966. But thanks to the incredible support of Muse fans - the HAARP tour in 2007 is now officially Wembley's Greatest Event. Muse were the first act to play in the new Wembley Stadium and now their Greatest Event victory will be marked with a permanent installation at Wembley Stadium which sport and music fans can enjoy for years to come. Source: http://muse.mu/news/article/762/muse-haarp-tour-voted-wembleys-greatest-event/
  3. http://www.spinnermusic.co.uk/2010/01/13/muse-glenn-beck/ Just as Muse had never watched an episode of 'Saturday Night Live' before performing on it in December, the UK trio had never paid any mind to Glenn Beck until September. That was when the conservative talk show host sung the band's praises only to claim that their representatives asked him to retract the endorsement, causing a minor controversy. A few weeks later, he revealed that the entire situation was a joke. According to drummer Dom Howard, the band was more confused than anything. "I think he genuinely liked the band, liked the music and was playing it on his show. In all honesty, none of us really knew too much about him other than him being a bit of a crazy right-winger," Howard tells Spinner. "He just made up this whole thing and turned it into a bit of a big deal saying we don't want him to play our music on his show but it wasn't really true. It's just entertainment, isn't it? It's just radio. He thought he'd stir something up for fun and I'm sure a few people listened to his show because of it. That's what happens in TV and radio." Howard also reveals that the band doesn't take themselves as seriously as people might think. Sure, their latest album 'Uprising' is heavily influenced by George Orwell's '1984' and the band certainly doesn't express much humor in their symphonic, complex music, but that doesn't mean they don't see the lighter side in it. "We certainly had a lot of good times and had a lot of fun making the album. There were many parts of the album where musical elements certainly took us by surprise and made us laugh, particularly on 'United States of Eurasia,'" Howard says of the Queen-inspired track. "Things like 'Uprising,' lyrically it's very serious and very influenced by protests really and people getting together and fighting for what they believe in. Musically, it's quite a fun, glam-rock influenced act. Glam rock has always had associations with being pretty silly anyway, particularly in the past." In fact, Howard credits the combination of lighthearted, fun music and heavy subject matter for Muse's success. "With our band, you can go either way," he says. "'Uprising' did really well on the radio, on alternative radio particularly. I think some people like it because they can dance around the room around a little bit and other people like it because they really like to get deep and involved with the lyrics. A lot of the songs have that contrast of being something you can get deep and involved with or, if you can't be bothered, you just dance."
  4. blah blah kate guest list fail but i had to post this just for the pic they used in the magazine i lol'd
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