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Dior Homme Advert - Exogenesis Part 1


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Maybe Dior Homme want to return the favour, what with Muse practically endorsing their clothes throughout the Black Holes era (dunno if they still wear it) - I'm sure they got a lot of that stuff for free anyways, but some nutter (rich) fans probably forked out hundreds to dress like Bells, I'm sure ;).


:chuckle: Soo true!


I'm a fashion nut, and I did notice Mr.Bellamy wearing a Dior Homme Polo in the making of The Resistance DVD.

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"I'm a man and you're a woman and you know what we can do" :facepalm:



If it were a commercial for cheese.....


I guess Can't Take My Eyes Off You would be a good choice of song for a Brie Cheese considering that Dom love them both :LOL:


My mother sells this perfume! :awesome:



and Muse and Dior probably have a contract or something; I mean you can smell the sexual tension between Muse and their clothes a mile away.

:awesome::thumbsup: Muse = Sexiness

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Not sure what this is supposed to tell me about Dior or their products:confused:

It all looked very pretty, superficial, disposable, but pretty. I'm not too fond of the way Overture was edited, but it's still a pretty piece of music that fits well with the general mood of the advert.

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I tried some of this on today and it was gorgeous! Nice to see a Muse song being used to promote something really good. I'd be tempted to get some, even if it is meant for men!


Yeah, I get the same thing. I absolutely love Chanel Bleu, the men's fragrance and every time I go into a department store I make sure I get a sample of it and walk round town with it in my pocket. :$ If I could afford it I would so just buy a bottle just to smell every now and then :LOL:

I will have to check this Dior one out too:D

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