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  1. Rather difficult to choose. The only thing I know for certain is that Map of the Problematique has been my favourite Muse song for years. After that the songs aren't in any particular order. Map of the Problematique Bliss Citizen Erased Knights of Cydonia New Born Dead Star Plug In Baby Stockholm Syndrome Glorious Hyper Music Resistance, Futurism, Fury, Space Dementia, Butterflies and Hurricanes etc.
  2. Showbiz: Hate This and I'll Love You OOS: Screenager Absolution: Thoughts of a Dying Atheist BHAR: Hoodoo ( I still like it though) The Resistance: Guiding Light
  3. Det kaller jeg å være utrolig heldig . Jeg har utrolig lyst å se Muse i London en gang, men det virker nesten umulig å få billetter Tok det ikke en dag å selge ut alle billetene i 2009? Jeg er litt overrasket. Trodde ikke fanbasen i Norge hadde vokst så mye. Koengen i Bergen tar over 20000 folk.. Synd de sikkert ikke kommer tilbake! Jeg skulle likt å se de neste sommer. Foretrekker utendørskonserter!
  4. In 2009 it took a whole day for Muse to sell all the tickets for the Oslo gig. Today it took a few minutes. I've always thought it must be more difficult to get tickets for gigs in the UK etc, but now it seems things have changed. Ticketmaster Norway holds your tickets for 15 minutes so you can type in card details. I now feel a little grateful for that!
  5. Some tickets "fall" back into the system. I just tried and got a seated ticket (that I'm not going to buy). Not sure how long it'll keep happening though.
  6. Some tickets "fell" back into the system. If you can put it like that.. I had a few tickets reserved at one point. I wonder how many tickets they sold.
  7. I think I remember it being like that before. Don't think there's a difference though. There were still some livenation tickets left even after 90 minutes, but I can't buy them today for several reasons. Looks like I'll have to brace myself for the general sale!
  8. I have no idea. I don't think so though. Silly question. But does anyone know why they have two alternatives for standing tickets and they are exactly the same?
  9. Fury Dead Star Glorious Ashamed Futurism
  10. 4/5. It was the first Muse album that I became familiar with and I've always enjoyed it. Map of the Problematique is one of my favourite Muse songs as well.
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