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    I love Marmite
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    999 Lets be Avenue
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    Being one track minded (I can only multi task at work)
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    Projects n that
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    Current Favorite book: Six Four, Hideo Yokoyama.
  • Muse Releases Owned
    I Physically own (ie: Did not itunes/find *snigger*):
    Random 1-8
    New Born EP
    Origin of Symmetry
    Hyper Music/Feeling good Singles
    Hullabaloo Soundtrack
    Dead Star/In your world EP
    Absolution Tour
    Black Holes and Revelations
    HAARP (both editions)
    The Resistance (EVERYTHING, damn that USB is shit)
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    Earls Court 19th December 2004,
    Reading Festival 26th August 2006,
    Manchester MEN 11th November 2006,
    Wembley Stadium 16th June 2007 (Seated..boo),
    Wembley Stadium 17th June 2007 (Standing..woo),
    Oxford Vue 11th March 2008 (I know its not a concert but it counts),
    RAH April 12th-west choir :)
    V Festival Chelmsford 2008
    O2 London 12th November 2009
    Wembley Sep 10th 2010 Standing right side
    Wembley Sep 11th 2010 Standing left side
    Reading Festival 2011
    Exeter, Great Hall 20th March 2015
    Download 2015
    Electric Ballroom Camden 11/09/15
    O2 Arena 14/04/16
    Reading Festival 2017
    Basingstoke Odeon 12 July 2018 (Again, I know its not a concert but it counts).

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  1. Bai-Lee

    Video Quiz Contest

    I just want to know what the answers are now. I give up, 5/28 whilst on heavy meds is the best I can do. And why the feck isn't trollolololl an answer.
  2. Yeah, we can only hope. I hate the pit of sales where I just sit for 3 hours getting the no no no whilst everyone on twitters screaming they got em (so many years, so much nope). Meh fair enough ref Glasto, Just trying to work out the rotation and it seemed next on the list, what do you think then?
  3. So with This whole thing Glenn is setting up I would be VERY VERY surprised if they don't get involved and do some small gigs there (hurrah to pit sales for that). Hope we get some gigs in the lead up to this though, maybe a bit like the physco tour (which was the best night of my life EXETER FTW). Heres hoping. Whats the next UK Festival we think...tends to be a roll around the same ones ish in a cycle so Glasto...... :s
  4. Socail media---the demise of the board. So glad to see threads coming back form the depths again. Anyway on topic so I don't get bumped, I loved it, cheesy yes, smushy, yes, tingles, yup. Loving the growth and change. Yeah old stuff was good but so was living with your mum, things change, people and bands evole and I'm still on this bus.
  5. That was some quality cabassing there, I did have a little giggle to myself when the dude two seats from me said quite loudly, whose the dude with the primary school instrument. And yeah, our cinema sound was on and off, one minute it was like you were there, the next it was so quiet,it was like MUSE was too loud and they had to turn it down for the neighbors, which was a shame. all in all though was awesome, gave another view of the stage that I didn't see from my squished viewpoint.
  6. Same, I have never felt ashamed of it either, wish I could time travel and tell little 15 year old me those bullies who took the piss because of my favorite band would then been at the same gig as me 15 years later saying how much they love them too.
  7. Annie Mac read out my tweet, and they laughed at me. Clearly listening to Easily a lot isn't a good trait
  8. I shall remember to keep some warm liquid in bottle for that
  9. Been keeping quiet but as tomorrow approaches I fear I may end up screaming. No R&L link after having a ticket for the weekend. Ticketmaster site not working then crashing....and now this...seriously, what a mess. Awesome idea for fans to get the majority of the tickets but when it doesn't work then fffffffff. Will try tomorrow, will probably fail, I know someone there will film it though so hey, theres always that.
  10. Been on here for ages. It deleted all my details. Argh. Hoping I get a email.
  11. On the one hand yasssss please. On the other... money needed...
  12. Thats horrid. I had a spare as a mate who had two tickets was sick so couldn't make it. I gave it back to the box office when I went in so they could as they say "give it to someone who was a victim of Fraud". Glad to hear that they actually did that. Also, did anyone else get told they needed to be re-seated as a camera had been placed in thier seats....only to see later on that all the seats had people in them #someonefuckedup
  13. it wasn't dramatic, unless you were the poor crew who had to try and get it out. looked like on of the propeller sides deflated is all
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