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  1. Mickey Mouse Wheels On The Bus | Nursery Rhymes for Children & Kids Songs

    mickey mouse | wheels on the bus | nursery rhymes

    Website : www.thebussong.com

  2. Ffion, my darling! <3

  3. Ah, brilliant, Vancouver, Canada is a fine place to be. What mall is your choice of mall when you wish to go to one? Oakridge? Metrotown? Lougheed? I ask this for two reasons: 1) I like to get to know my fellow Canadian, 2) A mall defines exactly one quarter of a person's soul, but it does not for mine. I have no soul.


    I was born in nineteen-ninety-five, but a wonderful person told me I was born in two-thousand-and-six, insulting my maturity. I have since then lived by their word.

  4. I'm actually in Vancouver. :happy:


    ....why does your age say you're 5? :LOL: I love it!

  5. Hello, I see you live in Vancouver, Canada. I also live in Vancouver, Canada. What part of Vancouver, Canada do you live in? If you say Burnaby, that would be pleasant, because I also live in Burnaby, Vancouver, Canada. On which side of the Lion's Gate are you located?

  6. GUISE GUISE GUISE! I need help from BC residents! My sister's needs people to do a survey for work. It takes like 5 mins and you could win an iPod touch! Answer questions about alcohol and get an iPod! It's win win! You need to be between the ages 19-35. Please do eeet! Here's the link: https://secure11.securewebexchange.com/consumerscan.ca/survey/1056/index.php?src=fb Thanks so much for your help! Not a spammy post. LOL I've taken the survey already.
  7. Pip

    Sorry Becks, only just spotted this! That is simply hilarious! Thank you for sharing the link! :LOL::LOL:

  8. Ahoy! How's the sunburn? Better, I hope!

  9. I wouldn't mind doing this....except my real life has barely left me with time/space to breathe.
  10. You live in Canada? That must be lovely. How do you like it there?

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