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  1. Just saw the gig, that was amazing! Now, come back to South America with a gig like this one See Dead Star live still is on my list
  2. Why don't play Stockholm Syndrome here in Brazil too Muse? But I'm not complaining too much because they played Muscle Museum and it was amazing Setlist too short again, I hope they're longer for Mexico, they'll have the stage of the Drones tour right?
  3. I want to see Dead Star live so much is one of my favorites songs!! I agree that the setlists should be longer..at least two more songs Muse, please And I miss Stockholm Syndrome so much, why they're not playing it anymore it's one of their best live songs imo
  4. I agree that the setlists are too short, the tickets are too expensive for 15 songs But it was my first solo gig and it was so great to see Muscle Museum and Apocalypse Please for the first time The handler is so good live too! And SS should be back I saw some videos that Matt was having problems singing some songs but last night he's voice was great imo! Looked like the band was having fun and I had great fun too! The crowd was amazing! I have a video of part Muscle Museum and Apocalype Please but they're probably ruined by my singalong can't upload only on sunday since i'm going to Sao Paulo gig too Ps: sorry for my bad english lol
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