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  1. Check out this website if you want to leave the car in a garage all day: http://nyc.bestparking.com/ There are some options to leave the car for up to 12 hours for $30 around the corner from the venue
  2. Got the ticket over an hour ago, still no confirmation email.
  3. I purchased my ticket over half hour ago and haven't received an email confirmation yet. However I got confirmation from the credit card that the money was taken so it definitely went through
  4. #keepyourdeadstarwegotsunburn I nearly had a stroke when Matt said they were going to play the first song from the first album and I was crying during the song, never thought I'd be so lucky to hear my favorite song from Showbiz live :dance:
  5. According to the venue's website: http://www.meadowlands.com/parking/Parking.aspx
  6. Frankly, this tour I probably will not queue from the morning because of that. What's the point in queuing for 8 hours just to get in and see that the first few rows are already taken? I also found out last tour that the back of GA is actually better than front row: there's plenty of space, you can come and go and acoustic is better than in front
  7. Â Â I don't think it does. I bought GA on the presale and it doesn't specify a row. Ticketmaster uses rows for GA but it does so only to keep track, at least that's my experience with GA from Ticketmaster in other venues in the area.
  8. That was surprisingly easy, I got GA like it was nothing!
  9. I like it, I think it works well with the song and actually I like the song more after seeing the video
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