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    -Matt's guitar straps
    -Gig at Echo Arena, Liverpool 05/11/2009
    -The last verse of Citizen Erased
    -Gig at Reading Festival, 26/08/2006
    -Bliss at Earl's Court, 20/12/2004
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    In the marmalade forest, between the make believe trees, in a cottage cheese cottage, in Liverpool, UK
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    Derren Brown
    Jason Manford
    Tim Minchin
    Glaswegian/Northern Irish accents <3
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    Franz Ferdinand
    Green Day
    Paolo Nutini
    Regina Spektor
    The Airborne Toxic Event
    Band of Skulls
    The Beatles
    Ellie Goulding
    Fleet Foxes
    Florence + The Machine
    Friendly Fires
    Led Zeppelin
    Marina and the Diamonds
    Maroon 5
    The Matches
    The Presets
    The Strokes
    Tim Minchin
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    Casino Royale
    Ocean's Eleven
    Hot Fuzz
    Rush Hour 1, 2, 3
    Starter For 10
    Love Actually
    House Of Flying Daggers
    The Hangover
    Pulp Fiction
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    Doctor Who
    Gossip Girl
    The Vampire Diaries
    Desperate Housewives
    Top Gear
    True Blood
    Prison Break
    The Real Hustle
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    Nineteen-Eighty Four
    To Kill A Mockingbird <3
    Animal Farm
    A Study In Scarlet
    The Sign of Four
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    Echo Arena, 5th November 2009
    LCCG, 4th September 2010
    Wembley Stadium, 10th September 2010
    Wembley Stadium, 11th September 2010
    Leeds Festival 2011
    MEN Arena, 1st November 2012
    Etihad Stadium, 1st June 2013
  1. Wow I haven't been on this board in ages. But I went to the gig last night and bladdy hell it was insane! Highlights include Bliss, DEAD STAR(!!!), Stockholm Syndrome (was gutted we didn't get it at the MEN last year), touching Dom and Matt looking straight at me whilst lying on the walkway singing Blackout. Good lord I died. I like the barrier Did anyone else have issues getting home? Our last train home was 23:15, a bit early, I thought Supports were pretty good though, loved the keyboardist with the puppies shirt :')
  2. Ooh let us know how you get on please, I would also love to know why they ceased to exist from the beginning!
  3. Congrats Which site did you use?
  4. Anyone able to get standing for this? All I can seem to find is seats..
  5. Happy Birthday! :party:

  6. :awesome:

    I completely agree! The Twilight ones are golden. I used to love watching Charlie, but I haven't been a huge fan of his recent videos. He's still absolutely adorable, though.

    Do you watch communitychannel and crabstickz? they're also so freaking hilarious.

  7. Haha! Thanks :p I just searched the yt link and it came up!

    Yeah I don't really like that one either :chuckle: The Twilight ones are hilarious. I do love watching charlieissocoollike as well.

  8. ohmygoodness, how the heck did you find it?! you are a beautiful creature, you are.

    it's funny though, because that's one of my least favorite videos of his :chuckle:

  9. Ahh. It wasn't me, but I have managed to find the post:

    http://board.muse.mu/showpost.php?p=8255492&postcount=4971 :)

  10. because last year someone posted his vulva video and since then I have become obsessed with youtube. I thought it was you, so I just wanted to thank you :chuckle:

  11. Erm.. I don't think so. I think I've only posted the Lost video in the BMT and Alex Reads Twilight in the Twilight thread. At least, as far as I can remember. How come?

  12. did you by any chance post nerimon's 'vulva' video a while back? /random

  13. You have a good choice of favorite bands, Queen and The Beatles are pretty good. (Never as good as Muse though)

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