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  1. Aaaw! I bet the shoppers loved that. There was band playing Christmas music at Manchester Christmas markets, it really made the atmosphere extra Christmassy :D

  2. :happy: I was singing carols in the german market last week
  3. Yeah, it's really Christmassy. It was the first time I've been to F&Bs, it was really nice :D

  4. Winter wonderland is awesome isn't it :D I've never been to frankie and benny'swas it nice?

  5. Went to Frankie and Benny's for lunch and then down Princes Street shopping. Saw some of the Christmas Markets too. It was pretty good. Some of the sales have already started :D

  6. oh my!! :D where did you go? It was so rainy yesterday and today it hasn't rained in ages :(

  7. Thanks for the birthday smilie!!! :D

  8. Thank you!!! I was in Edinburgh for my birthday!! It rained lots :LOL:

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