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    1)MEN Arena 11/11/06
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    12) Manchester Academy 22/3/15
    13) Manchester Arena 8/4/16
  1. Wondering if Leeds/Reading will get some of these, now they've been practised here....Not many of course, but maybe 1 or 2. Glorious is so lovely
  2. Instrumental of Uprising on Big Brother
  3. Uccellino


    Well, predicted
  4. Uccellino


    You know they will.....
  5. She said she was watching Muse from home and having a Chinese and doing the washing up, so she had no intention of appearing as a guest. Watched the 3 headliners now and Coldplay really know how to make it special, so much energy and talking to the audience and pretty lights and the Viola Beach tribute. That crowd looks very engaged with the band. Nice.
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