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    #nofilter ur mom
    i like long walks on the beach and pino coladas and getting lost in the rain

    remember when we used to be obsessed with muse yeah well this is what i told myself i kept lord why:
    Matt's Hair In 2006
    The lyrics to Resistance
    Muse's VMA performance
    Red streak in Matt's hair during the KOC vid
    The Undisclosed Desires video
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    Thrust Nashville
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    being a butt
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    full time sexy
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    arctic monkeys, white lies, franz ferdinand, eisley, kasabian, company of thieves, band of horses, the shins, pete & the pirates, anything jack white touches, my homegirl marina, mgmt, radiohead, pink floyd, pixies I guess??
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    ur mom's sex tape lol
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    it's really sad but i don't like doctor who anymore

    um basically lost
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    all of the ones i've written
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    literally everything it's really embarrassing
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  1. Por suerte para algunos, los proveedores no siempre informan de sus transacciones y los pagos atrasados en la oficina de crédito comercial . Así que hay una mayor posibilidad de que algunos minicreditos rapidos con asnef de morosidad con los proveedores no se informó a la agencia de crédito comercial de un pago predeterminado con un banco no estaría en la oficina de crédito comercial y personal, si recibe la aprobación. Los proveedores deben ser el primero en experimentar las consecuencias de un problema de flujo de efectivo. Financiar con los proveedores es una palanca importante para mantener su competitividad. Como se mencionó anteriormente, el mantenimiento de un buen puntaje de crédito personal para el endosante es clave para la financiación, sobre todo cuando el negocio es una puesta en marcha o pequeño a medio.

  2. game iwin good, game teen teen 3D game ionline , game game iwin hot game bigone HOT

  3. i was thinking about buying one of those fuji instamax cameras, but i'm not sure if i'll like how small the pictures turn out plus the film seems pretty expensive ? what are y'alls thoughts on analog photography
  4. Je vais lire ces poèmes ! J'aime la poésie :-)
  5. Ils sont très beaux! J'ai choisi "Liberté". Merci beaucoup!!
  6. Bonjour! Pour mon cours de français, nous devons lire un poème en français. Quels sont vos poèmes préférés? Merci beaucoup!!!
  7. aww the song with gotye isn't awful, in my opinion. i'm happy it did so well, it was a different air for 'mainstream' radio, which was interesting. i think this collab will be hella dope, especially looking at all the other musicians on the album. kimbra's voice is heavenly.
  8. thank you for the pointers! ooo that's such a nice forum, but unfortunately i'm in the states heh. i wish there was an american equivalent!
  9. man basses are so hot. speaking of hot basses, i'm hella poor but really want/need a good bass for some music projects i'm starting with some friends, do you guys have any recommendations for relatively cheap basses but are still good quality? thank uuu
  10. those are really great edits omg. what editing software do u use? ooo taht would be cool
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