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    Muscle Museum 7 "
    Absolution (2003 album release)
    SFA/Fury clear 7"
    Unintended clear 7"
    B&H clear 7"
    Uprising 7"
    Exogenesis 12"

    7" vinyl picture discs:

    SMBH, KoC, Starlight , Invincible & Resistance

    Muse EP
    Muscle Museum EP
    Showbiz + Showbiz promo w/nut/bolt
    OOS + OOS promo w/key
    Hullabaloo CD/DVD
    Absolution CD/DVD + Absolution promo
    HAARP special edition
    Cave 1 & 2
    Sunburn 1 & 2
    Muscle Museum 1 & 2
    Bliss 1 & 2 & 3
    PIB 1 &2
    TIRO 1 & 2
    Dead Star/In Your World 1 & 2
    Hysteria 1 & 2
    Sing For Absolution 1 & 2
    Feeling Good/Hyper Music 1 & 2
    New Born
    B&H 1 & 2
    KoC black sleeve
    Invincible promo
    Uprising CD + promo CD + rubber promo
    Resistance (single) promo CD
    Undisclosed Desires promo 1 & 2

    Other PROMO CDs: Uno, Showbiz, Cave (US) Sunburn, Muscle Museum (1 & 2), Feeling Good/Hyper Music, TIRO, SFA, Hysteria Plug In Baby, New Born, Uninte
  1. Bear in mind that none of those might actually sell But I checked 'the market' and it's well below all the other quoted prices on Ebay... well let's see! I've got dozens more items to be listed, and those are generally much less than these ones (old promo singles mainly, and some vinyls), it just takes forever to list these...
  2. Hi all, I finally started putting items up for sale on Ebay. Sorry for the snail-like pace (including responding to private messages). It's going to take forever to list all the items, so far I only have 11 up. Here is the link to the 'Resistance' coloured vinyl 7"single: http://cgi.ebay.com/MUSE-Resistance-Popcorn-vinyl-picture-disc-very-rare-/270723482237?pt=Music_CDs&hash=item3f0860827d#ht_529wt_1139 If you're interested in other items including the earliest EPs and promos, follow the link above and check 'other items for sale'. I will be adding tons more items over the next few weeks
  3. I'm selling my Muse collection, pretty much all of the vinyl singles, promos, CDs, DVDs, rare magazines, tour programmes, stacks of magazine/newspaper clippings etc. It will all be on Ebay soon but in case anyone's interested, PM me *Muse EP 1998 (DREX CDEP 103) *Muscle Museum EP 1999 (DREX CDEP 104) *Muscle Museum CD Box set (fan club 'wallet') *Promo CD singles (ALL eras since Showbiz, most with original promo stickers/information) including recent promos such as the * rubber Uprising CD *Resistance/ Popcorn Picture Disc *Origin Of Symmetry Promo CD perspex case w/screwdriver *Muscle Museum Promo CD perspex case (without key) *Sing For Absolution Dutch CD Box complete *French UNO CD from the Showbiz Boxset *Random 1-8 *all picture discs from BHAR singles And many, many more items, including a (mint) stick of rock candy from the Teignmouth gigs Items will be shipped by registered mail from mainland Europe. I'd prefer to sell this lovingly assembled collection to a diehard Muser - or swap for rare Kraftwerk, Talking Heads or seventies vintage items
  4. Yes, but those are the rules. Muse wins? Awesome award - even if Justin Bieber wins the other category. Muse loses? Shit award - just look at Justin Bieber winning the other category.
  5. Muse mime just fine nowadays. And unless I really missed something, Eurovision performances are live. They used to be at any rate, last time I watched it, circa 1989...
  6. "But now trying to describe their greatness live seems like an overwhelming task." "Muse live is like a neutron star collision, supermassive black hole, and starlight at warp speed..." "Even his BACKSIDE is interesting to watch." "Muse fans ought to give Bellamy a break, he wrote it after a breakup with his longterm girlfriend in 2009. " "The hardcore COSMONAUT has often sung about his heart." "Bellamy's voice still SPARKLES like starlight, at times evoking a few tears in the audience. His voice has held out remarkably well for the amount of singing and performing (and partying) he's doing on this tour." His voice cut out on him momentarily a handful of times on very top notes of songs, though that's the peril of live singing. It's completely excuseable. The scope, range, ambition, and virtuosity of these songs takes an intense amount of vocal power and skill, and vocal chords are really just two little folds of flesh which can bruise and blister." "Muse catapulted themselves to intergallactic attention with atomic force because of The Resistance. Everything they do sprinkles stardust into our ears ." Written by a real pro :LOL:
  7. Matt and Dom are definintely shorter than me - I couldn't get over how tiny they were when I met them, which is silly as I should have known really. But I'm only 5'6" so I don't know what to make of posts saying Matt is at least 5'7"? Chris definitely is a lot taller than me of course, although he is hardly freakishly tall, pretty regular for a bloke really.
  8. It's just a personal habit, I do like KoC (and MwaH) but it's suffered from overkill for me, more so than most of the other songs. And I think it's a fine closer, but TBH I can do without it, and I have this thing about wanting to get out of the venue on time to get back to the tube/bus, I absolutely hate getting stuck in crowds after a gig. So for KoC, it's just videos for me this year, but I've noticed they're now switching closing songs around, so I guess it might change on the next tour.
  9. Great quality, SS on a good night is impossible to top IMO. And that KoC performance made me realize I should consider sticking around for it again (I haven't seen it live this year as I always leave when MwaH starts).
  10. Uprising is deadly serious, it's not contrived, silly, or pretentious at all. It's a song about how Matt Bellamy of Muse™ is going to lead the Uprising™ of The Resistance™ from his new Hollywood Mansion.
  11. I love it, it's such a great parody! It is a parody isn't it? And who knows, it might be on the next album after all, if Muse have even fewer (new) songs to record than they did with The Resistance. A "Doiiii Together !!!" remix perhaps? I guess not.
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