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    Nothing much to say except that I have no life, live on the internet, love candy and root beer, and think that Muse is the greatest band ever.
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    The planet Matt Bellamy is from...
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    Making videos
    Listening to music (mostly Muse)
    Playing the piano/guitar
    Making graphics
    Fangirling people
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    Destroyer of Worlds
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    Lady Gaga
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    The Fratellis
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    The Dark Knight
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    Doctor Who
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    Secret Diary of a Call Girl
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    Harry Potter
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    Black Holes and Revelations
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  1. Lol what??? I've never met anyone who doesn't recognize him...he's from Family Guy and you are right he is creepy...he likes little boys :erm::LOL:


    Nawwww and tis fine...and if it helpe I don't know what's Muse Tumblrs is! :p


    Oh and me I iz good...just finished practicing some guitar but I'm not very good haha


    How about you...how have you been Taylor???



  2. Hi! I got addicted to Muse Tumblrs, sorry I haven't been on lately! What's up with you? How you been?



  3. Oooh girl where you been??? Me and Herbert have been missing you! :rolleyes::(


    -> 53799d1233210381t-herbert-family-guy-oldman.jpg:LOL:

  4. Ay you spitted that water all over my new cardigan! :eek: No jk...I'm not even wearing a cardigan haha :chuckle:


    Gosh and you're so lucky...I wish I was back in highschool! Oh so much fun...well er sorta. :LOL:

    And you said that you started about a month ago...how is that going for you so far deary???


    Oh and yeah I got to seem them live and I think I went to the best gig of the U.S too! Haha after the show everyone was so amazed that they had this face (:eek:) It kinda look like they got raped or something haha :LOL:


    But hey honestly Taylor you shouldn't feel bummed out quite yet...they will come around again...and plus if it helps I didn't get to see them 'till I was a senior at high school sooooo yeaaah :p




  5. *spits out water* Ahahahahaha.


    I started about a month ago, Sophomore. Freaking high school. :p


    OMG! LUCKY! They were awesome, yeah? Oh, of course they were. I still haven't seen them live. :(

  6. Lol woman you crack me up with all your silliness! :LOL: Hmmm and idk...by gay cheese do you mean Brie cheese??? Coz I got plenty ot that :eyebrows::chuckle:


    Hehe but anyhoo...when did you start school and what grade are you in Taylor???


    Hey btw guess what?!? I GOT TO SEE MUSE IN LA ON SUNDAY!!!! :dance: That's why I haven't had time on the board that much except to PM people for GA tickets so sorry about that deary! :p



  7. You must discover the pot of gold at the end of rainbow. Then the fun stuff begins! As long as you kill the leprechaun because they're always evil. Just make sure you don't kill them by drowning. When you drown leprechauns they come back to haunt you. *shudders*


    I dunno! I haven't seen any other Noob Faces. :p


    Ahh, that sucks. I've been having a hard time with that too. During the summer, I'd go to bed at like around 4am and wake up at 2pm. Now, with school, gotta wake up so much earlier and sleep so much earlier sucks.


    Nope, nope. That was quite enough excitement for the week. Instead, I found the underwater utopia of Uranus and fucked a mermaid... or was it a merman? I couldn't tell? :p


    Hahahahahhahahahhaha. So funny. You got any gay cheese?!

  8. I killed a monkey with my pinky and discovered the actual City of Delusion. It's in Utah.
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: So funny! Man you make my life sound boring lol


    And yay! I guess I'm the only noob face around this board then! :p


    And well I've been trying to go to sleep early lately because I normally go to sleep like around 5am doing who knows what haha...however this is proving to be quite difficult! :erm:


    How about you...killed anymore monkeys or discovered any cool cities lately??? :chuckle:



  9. What other noob face?!


    I killed a monkey with my pinky and discovered the actual City of Delusion. It's in Utah. What've YOU been up to?

  10. Yay it's me...haha I though you meant the other noob face! :rolleyes::p


    Well anyhoo...hello deary! So what shenanigans have u been up to since we last spoke eh??? :awesome:



  11. Who-what-where-errrrr meeh??? :p



  12. I didn't even know they were going to be at the United Center then. I did try and get tickets for the Milwaukee show, but my plans sort of fell through, so I won't get to see them. Am still ecstatic that they're going to be SO CLOSE. To everybody who's going, HAVE FUN!
  13. *rolleyes* Fine, I'm a moron and apparently, not a Doctor Who fan. I like Matt Smith, I love Eleven and think he's awesome. Do I think he's better than David Tennant? No, but he is pretty close.
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