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  1. Now you're trolling right? For the record, I'm a happy muser! I went on nights 3 and 4. I didn't expect anything special and in the end, they played my favs songs. During the shows, I didn't notice Matt's voice (except on DI...), the short setlist etc. I was just in awe
  2. 6 shows is way too much. 6 times Madness/Mercy I can't see why it's more difficult and yet he can't sing it. I don't get it. It got better (was pretty good on night 3, okayish no night 4) but that was a shock first time I heard it live on June 2015.
  3. Oh well... imo the setlist on night 2, 4 and 6 are pretty much equivalent. they announced the gigs 2 per 2 so the second night syndrome is still a thing. Night 4 being slightly more original as blackout and tab came out from nowhere! But I think tonight is really good too. Nights 1 and 5 are terrible :/ These setlists shouldn't even exist! One of my colleagues is at the gig tonight. She likes Muse but she's not a hardcore fan. I'm curious to know what she thought of this setlist. I guess she's upset Resistance and UD aren't played...
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