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  1. DEAD INSIDE 8/10 Has the Madness effect i.e. slow start, slightly cheesy but has that incredible emotional last third that makes the full listen so worth it. PSYCHO 6/10 This track has a similar effect to fatigue on me. Just gets draining after a while because it's too repetitive. However, it sounds great loud and this will be killer live. A track more for the live sets as opposed to casual listening. And it is great to have that riff in a proper song now. MERCY 6/10 Good to hear the Bliss arpeggiated synths again but this certainly is no Bliss. It's just another OK Muse single. Don't think it's great for casual listening and don't think it'll be that great live but it's still a nice listen. REAPERS 8/10 I'm not overly mental about the chorus, bit glam rock but what truly makes this is the wonderful guitar solo. It's just great! Loving the TOADA style drum rhythm in the verse as well. THE HANDLER 9/10 There's some crazy hyperbole for this record. I'm hearing things like "Best Muse Song Ever" I'm not sure about that but it is great! I actually wish it was longer and the In Your World riff seems to come out of the blue. I would have preferred to see some more outrageous guitar action in the bridge. This is basically Fury MK2 which is obviously a great thing. DEFECTOR 9/10 I just bloody the riff in this. At first I was hating the Queen screams which made me hesitant to give this track a chance but this track has subsequently got bigger & better with every listen. Like I say... That riff. REVOLT 7/10 I think this track is great fun. It's like a Showbiz track with modern Muse production and a little bit of My Chemical Romance thrown in. The hate on this is baffling to me but whatever. AFTERMATH 10/10 Honestly this is one of my top 5 Muse tracks of all time. I love when I find a track that I can put of repeat. I just love it. Goosebumps every time. THE GLOBALIST 8/10 Matt seems to struggle with the concept of making a true 10 minute plus Prog Rock anthem. This is basically three different tracks merged to make one... but what a great listen regardless! And I love Nimrod. DRONES 5/10 I love choral style music but something about this doesn't sit right with me... Just makes the album fizzle out on a whimper. It's a shame because... Overall it's a fucking great album that could have had a little stronger, more bombastic ending. 8/10
  2. I don't understand some of you guys. This is my favourite song on the album. Insanely beautiful. Could listen to it on repeat all day.
  3. Just finished listening to the whole album. It's great. Aftermath my favourite. Always loved a good proggy Muse ballad.
  4. Don't understand the hate for Revolt.
  5. Having listened to this album a million times now... Explorers is absolutely my favourite track. Stunning, beautiful, epic. I hum it at work all day. Surprised it hasn't got more votes :/
  6. I don't understand the hate this track gets... Aside from some silly lyrics, the guitar solos and licks are so powerful, distorted and bassy. It fucking rocks. The way the last guitar solo sounded so mental at the roundhouse (I was there) it was so powerful... It sent crazy vibrations around the building... I swear I thought the walls were gonna collapse. Best track on the album.
  7. LTM


    The most OoS track on the album. It sounded amazing live and very very hard at the end. Will surely get the crowd moshing like crazy once people grow more familiar with it.
  8. I was at the roundhouse gig and no matter what anyone says about subdued crowds... It fully went off. The mosh pit for Knights of Cydona and New Born was fucking crazy. You couldn't really see it on the broadcast but I have videos of it and I'll upload when I get the chance.
  9. I can understand the U2 comparison. Those screams at the end are very U2 no matter what anyone says. I must say... This track don't do much for me on the album but it did sound explosive when the bass dropped at the Roundhouse.
  10. I love this track. It's like Trance early 90s Trance music (stuff like Age of Love) but with outstanding modern production. One of my top 3 tracks from this album... I wonder if they'll ever play it live?
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