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What Is Your Most Played Muse Song On iTunes?


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I don't got Itunes but I've got last fm and according to that it's falling down:)


And Cherry look out of the pmt :eek:



Told you we dont Always spend our time in there.


You're different though. There's something...sinister about you :p

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Bearing in mind this is just since April cos my PC/Itunes and Ipod crashed, here's the Muse related stuff from the most played 25:


1 Supermassive Black Hole 24

2 Fury 21

3 Stockholm Syndrome 12

4 Starlight 12

5 Invincible 12

6 Muscle Museum 12

9 Time is Running Out 11

10 Sing for Absolution 11

11 Dead Star 11

12 Plug in Baby 11

16 Shrinking Universe 10

23 Supermassive.. (video) 8

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