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  1. Thanks Tegan :kiss: yeah its amazing!! very relevant to its target audience too <_<

  2. Happy Birthday for the other day Alex :party:. and OH MY LOL THAT IS SOME GREAT SPAM ON YOUR WALL THERE :LOL:

  3. Whats up jenn???? :(((

  4. Sorry to leave you but I had to go :kiss: :kiss:

  5. I missed you! Gosh!!

  6. :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(

    AWW I'm back, and you're not here!!!!!

  7. I'm pretty good thank you! :) It's awesome, I visited my private school today, people are so nice here!

    I love this place!!

    Are you sill in California?

  8. im good thanks and you!! so am I woo!!!! :) how is it?

  9. HEY! Alex how are you?? I'm in America!!

  10. Hey sorry about leaving chat in the middle of a convo. my chat froze up on me. :(

  11. Nowhere near me :((

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