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  1. whats your fb? i want to see who they are!

  2. ha i just went on your facebook to see if you knew one of my friends (don't ask) and it turns out we have three mutual friends at cardiff... ITS A TINY WORLD!!

  3. Hello,


    Two things:


    1) You're quoted in my sig because it lolarious

    2) Your username would make an ossum band name



  4. haha, no im not on match.com at all so wink away!

  5. :chuckle:


    I winked at someone on Match.com and then started wondering if I'd seen them before somewhere. Can't work it out :LOL:

  6. haha what was the panic, if that's not a rude question?

  7. Ah ok, panic over :LOL:

  8. hello! no i live in berkshire and claim to be 20! i did claim to be a month or so older than i was in winchester once when i was 17 but thats it im afraid. ;)

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