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  1. yaaaaaaaaaay! supermassive black hole would be good, particularly because of the shouty bits.
  2. celebrity parents, when you're looking for a name for your kid and pick one that no one else has take a minute to think that maybe no one's been called that before because it's a bloody stupid name. edit: it was his mums surname? well i feel like a dick now. edit: still i cant really get on board with the surname for a first name thing.
  3. to be fair, even if you were a multi millionaire who lost half your money in taxes you'd still have a lot of fucking money.
  4. is the guy who played the double bass still in it? he was the best singer that i saw on there, but i didnt watch it much.  oh no wait i just heard his version of smells like teen spirit. how embarrassing.  this thread is making me miss x factor.  edit: actually his version of harder to breathe is pretty decent, just a bit too much like the original.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Moe24SErT9M&feature=related  he should do cannonball by damien rice or something like that.
  5. ...really? edit: muse should go on italian x factor now. the awkwardness after jamiroquai performed this year was really quite something. i have no idea why they even went on it in the first place.
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