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  1. It"s most likely Flash. Although it's something Chrome don't usually have nowadays. Other problem is missing SSL-certificates (works, but looks bad). edit. ad-blocker didn't like the page
  2. New website is not working on Chrome. Works partly on Firefox, but not all pages.
  3. Kuutar

    Dear Niall

    Museboard posts "interesting" stuff in Twitter.
  4. Pro photos from the gig more http://ylex.yle.fi/uutiset/popuutiset/muse-allistytti-helsingissa-katso-keikkakuvat
  5. Second night I got bit closer, these standing/1st floor seats tickets were great. Most were standing on the pit so there was plenty of room at the seats:p. Sounded better there too. Night before there was some weird echos at some some point of the gig. Too bad last tube was so early, had to leave such a rush.
  6. Great gig, nice to hear older songs too. Robot was cool. Unfortunately no pics, only had a phone with me.
  7. Thanks to Sammy and congrats others.
  8. Hartwall is 12 000-15 000. Olympic Stadium's capacity is around 40 000, so there's a couple a places more:p.
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