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    O2 Arena, London 13/11/09
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  1. Hi guys. Selling a couple of things on eBay. Muse Absolution Box set - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Muse-Absolution-Box-Set/162588437909 Muse Resistance Tour Programme - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/162588442326? Genuinely can't believe how much those box sets are going for on ebay, saw one advertised at like £300. People are bloody mad. Just stuff I bought in the height of my fandom that I don't really want anymore but I don't really want to throw away either!
  2. Selling shizz. Muse Absolution Box Set - selling for £30 on eBay if anyone is interested, I see these things going for like £80! People be cray. Also selling a couple of Muse books £4/5 each. eBay item number:162168108177 for the box set books should then be on my selling page presumably?? No good with eBay at all, confuses the hell out of me! Also selling a Muse Resistance Tour Programme, forgot to mention!
  3. went to the San Siro today and had a look round, went on the tour and saw the stage being put up etc, looks very good also not at the end of the pitch at one of the sides so all will get a decent view woo!! Hopefully will get a good setlist to boot!
  4. cba to type something new so...my facebook status lol... the video would have been too boring without the Eclipse clips but some of them were just whacked in there for the sake of it and with the darkness of the video you DO NOT just cut to friggin light random pointless clips from the film it just makes it look like a bloody mess jesus christ editor deserves a slap! Apart from that emotastic... regarding the film clips thrown in, i think the reason it's so bad is because there is such a harsh contrast between the video itself and the clips like for instance the paramore video for decode, the clips from the twilight film in that i didn't even notice first time i watched it because the video and the clips looked so similar and had similar filters etc blah blah, the only good "clippy" bit in this is at the end going from the piano to those two kissing, it didn't look as harsh and messy as the rest...i was hoping there'd be no clips in there at all but it would be a bit boring if it was just them...they could have just kept the clips that were projected onto the screen in the background though, that didn't look too bad. Also, loving the slow mo ooh yes FRIGGIN ESSAY JESUS!
  5. Would have cost £120 just to change the names on the flights and hotels over...I don't think so and now that Kasabian and Friendly fires are supporting this gig is a hell of a lot more appealing! Haha!
  6. San Siro line up!!!!! Friendly effing fires!!!! OH YES! :D
  7. oh why dont they just play citizen erased at every bloody gig? They've not played that in the last YEAR
  8. Nattywba

    Worst Muse crowd?

    Birmingham crowd where I was were good! Some complete and utter random went mental with me and my friend when MK started hahaha we all started spaffing and I think he jumped on my friend lol
  9. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=230672119114
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