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  1. You don't need a PhD to figure that out . My statement was a reference.
  2. Indeed. How has it come to this?
  3. Make that the BHaR era. By the way, his "we" refers back to the "a lot of long-term fans" in the preceding sentence, so he did everything right and didn't speak for everyone, just the subset he belongs to - you're being a bit touchy. The irony comes in your last sentence, where you fall for the mistake you're accusing him of, and seem to establish for everyone that T2L is the best Muse album.
  4. Simplest thing you can do: count. The number of songs on the board is twelve, and the number of songs on the album is twelve as well (omitting Prelude). So there are no extra songs listed on the board.
  5. Yet another unpopular opinion: Muse should let Chris sing all the songs where Matt feels the need to put on the Heroic Voice. Chris can actually pull it of quite naturally, whereas Matt sounds like a kitten on steroids. He'd better stick to the raw/falsetto songs himself.
  6. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone on here agreeing that Showbiz and T2L are of similar quality. So while I fully agree that sentiment might play a role, I disagree with the causality that you propose. I think what you say should be explained in terms of a selection effect, in that the album that drags somebody into a band is obviously liked by them per definition, whereas later albums may or may not be liked. That alone will skew the statistics in favour of the first album encountered.
  7. Might be country-dependent then... for me, it appears in the top-right corner after clicking all the way through (last click is on order number).
  8. Based on the instrumentation I would agree... but if I focus on the composition itself, then it sounds like stadium rock to me .
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