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    Origin of Symmetry
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    Teenage Cancer Trust-Royal Albert Hall (12/04/08)
    Marlay Park (13/08/08)
    V Festival-Chelmsford (16/08/08)
    Liverpool Echo Arena (05/11/09)
    London O2 Arena (12/11/09)
    Wembley Stadium (11/09/10)
  1. Evitar a toda cantidades de costes que tiene en el tercer período de mora. Mantener una cantidad importante de referencias, con preferencia buena prestamos rapidos sin papeleos y fiables, informó a la agencia de crédito. La siguiente es una calculadora que evalúa el índice de pago de su empresa se muestra públicamente en la oficina de crédito. Sólo hay que insertar el período adecuado para el equilibrio de las operaciones no financieras. También se puede jugar con la cantidad para ver cómo las fluctuaciones influyen en el nivel y luego se ajustan de manera eficiente su promedio.

  2. anyone know what the policy will be for bringing your own food in? I'd rather not have to spend loads of money on shit food I don't like. Also, I remember Wembley saying last time that bags and umbrellas weren't allowed but I ended up seeing loads of people in there with them... Anyone been to the Greenday/Coldplay etc gigs and know what the regulations are? Thanks!
  3. V festival 2008- spent the entire day getting completed squished at the front (i know I shouldn't complain as you should kind of expect it if you want to be at the barrier...but i literally couldn't move ALL day)...and people moshing to Alanis Morrisette...really..? By the time muse came on I was already feeling fed up. Within about 10 minutes I'd lost one of my friends in the crowd. The majority of people around me weren't even Muse fans...just drugged up idiots who'd pushed their way to the front and completely ruined the experience for me. Can't complain much about the setlist (apart from it being pretty similar to the previous week's at Marlay Park) Had some really good songs, including Dead Star which I was really surprised to see them bring out at a festival, but i couldn't enjoy it because I was getting punched and kicked from all angles and have never had so many people crowd surf over my head! Can't understand people in fight pits/crowd surfing-stop ruining gigs for everyone else! And a recurring problem is girls with big frizzy hair-I really don't enjoy having it in my face! Tie it up for christ sake!!
  4. oi! you never came online! i was all ready for a deep and meaningful chat! :p

  5. good point. also, if you look at some of the other artwork, they aren't facing in the same direction as they are in the cover...so not necessarily falling... perhaps check that before you start ripping people's tattoos
  6. Blimey, not been on here for a while!

  7. Happy birthday! :) Hope you're having a good day x

  8. Hello again Steph... have you been busy on your Gap year?? I plan to take one before I go to uni as well! xx

  9. I haven't spoke to you in an absolute age! Hows things going in uni?? Looking forward to christmas yet?? xx

  10. Hahaha that's fair enough! Bet you're having an amazing time.

  11. beeecause my friend I am a busy busy lady these days! and all the drinking really takes it out of me! :LOL:

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