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    20/12/04 - Earls Court
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    25/08/06 - Reading Festival
    21/11/06 - Wembley Arena
    16/06/07 - Wembley Stadium
    23/06/07 - Parc Des Princes
    16/08/08 - V Festival
    12/11/09 - O2 Arena
    11/06/10 - Stade De France
    12/06/10 - Stade De France
    10/09/10 - Wembley Stadium
    11/09/10 - Wembley Stadium
    28/08/11 - Reading Festival
    30/09/12 - Roundhouse
    14/11/12 - St. Jakobshalle, Switzerland
    18/02/13 - Shepherds Bush Empire
    25/05/13 - Emirates Stadium
    26/05/13 - Emirates Stadium
    02/06/13 - Horse Guards Parade
  1. Anyone can edit setlist.fm, incorrect info usually gets removed quickly though.
  2. I was just underneath the balcony on the right and a security guard kept coming to inspect cracks in the ceiling, made me a bit worried after it has previously closed because of structural problems!
  3. When I saw Biffy there a few months ago, the main standing area got too packed so latecomers had to stay on the raised bar bit at the back and were not allowed down the stairs. The balcony overhangs quite a bit and obscures the view so I don't want to be stuck up the back.
  4. No support, bastards. I was going to get there around 6:30 because I know the standing area will pack in quickly once the doors open, but I don't fancy having to hang around in the venue bored for a hour and a half..
  5. The number one thing you need is the card, because they swipe that in a machine to print your ticket. Obviously ID is needed to check that you are you. I forgot to take a printed copy of my confirmation to a paperless Arcade Fire gig and showing it on my phone seemed to be enough for security. But probably best to have it all with you.
  6. Eternally Missed is a banger. I had actually forgotten that Easily was a song until everyone started harping on about it in here. I barely remembered it when I gave it a listen again.
  7. Its usually doors at 7, support at 8, main band at 9, give or take 15 mins. Curfew at Shepherds Bush is 11pm, but I doubt Muse will play for 2 hours because they are lazy fucks, I imagine it will be finished by about 10:40.
  8. Yeah I really enjoyed Follow Me whenever I saw it. I probably wouldn't choose to have it in a set, but if it cropped up I wouldn't be disappointed.
  9. I'm not going to bother revoting if they aren't resetting the whole thing. I imagine a substantial chunk of people voted on the first day.
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