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  1. The middle part feels really cut-and-paste. Feels really underwhelming. Otherwise the best song from the forthcoming album this far (by miles may I add). Chris' bass hasn't sounded (as in the tone) this good since...I dunno, ever?
  2. Fuckloads of basslines in techno --> deep house orbit. Some mercy shown later on with tribal house. Also mixed some post rock to 90's techno at the end, was fun. Enjoy! In other news, I held a UV birthday party with my mate for a crowd of 70 people. 3 DJ line-up with a 30 min rap-gig in between. I played after everyone else and rocked out for three hours till 4 AM. At that point everyone was pretty much dead, which wasn't a surprise considering the floods of booze.
  3. "A venture into the deepest trench in the world. Recorded live (as is everything I do). I went for a bass-y sound on this one with long layering and fading. Been interested in tribal stuff lately, so you can hear influences from there as well. I'm quite content with this one albeit I need to broaden my effect usage during transfers. I hope you enjoy <3" I swapped to Mixcloud, since Soundcloud is committing a suicide. I also have a Kontrol S2 as my controller now, which is awesome (albeit I would like to get to know Serato as well...). I wouldn't mind an effects unit or something like Z1 though. Hope you listen and like it, I think this is a quite a baller mix! (albeit there's one annoying error )
  4. There's a new set out. I think it's the best one yet. It takes more a of a deep&tech house direction I would say. I'm practicing effect usage heavily atm to get the hang of the different kind of filters etc (in other words, the newest mix might contain too much effect usage). Beatsliced a song on to the first track as my first effort to sample something, because Soundcloud's automatic copyright protection scheme deleted a set earlier due to that song, revenge is sweet! My tracks are 100% digital due to the fact that I've sourced my music for years from places that have high standards (eg. "perfect" FLAC rips or if lossy at least 320kpbs with logs). I don't really have any intention on going vinyl on the dj-front - I do buy only vinyl, but that's purely when I want to buy an album that is really good. I listen to these in the comfort of my home. I have a really vast catalogue of music on my harddrive that I "re-find" now, when I'm searching for stuff to DJ so I haven't had anything but a positive problems in finding music yet. I downloaded Audacity and found out it's a very versatile tool, but I don't intend on post-producing stuff much, because it seems quite useless for my purposes. I'll just use it to amplify a portion/song with a db or two, if there's too big of a difference. Would adding slight compression across a whole mix just do more harm than good? ps. Theo Pharrish is sex. pps: Thanks for the kind words. It really means a lot.
  5. Thanks guys! Yeah, I need to have a look at the "production" side of things, because I know nothing about that stuff. I do keep -9 db headroom on Traktor to keep everything nicely out of red. I guess adding a limiter would be possible using Audacity? Anyways, really need to have a look at that. Added a new set today. It's mostly improv, but turned out surprisingly well aside from one sloppy transition. It's chill house with longer transitions and no droppage. https://soundcloud.com/juusoko/no-meds-just-chill-house
  6. Yo, I began doing DJ stuff some months ago. Everything I post is mixed together/beatmatched (no sync usage etc). You can check out my sounds at: I love house music, so most of my stuff is house in it's various forms. I do like to genre-hop outside and inside mixes, so you can find lots of variations in them as well. Drum and Bass is another love of mine, but mixing it is a completely another beast, so I haven't delved into recording it yet. Unfortunately some of my stuff has been taken off from Soundcloud due to their "automatic detection system", so only my first proper mix is up atm. There's new stuff coming soon though! I use Traktor as my software and Mixtrack Pro as the controller. The latter is almost at breaking point, fixed with tape and whatnot. Trying to survive until christmas without it breaking. All critique and helping hands are welcomed, so if you have some suggestions how to improve or find something odd, do tell (there's some clicks&pops audible in the Gregory House mix for example, these vanished after I swapped to the newest version of Traktor). Above all else, I hope you like the music
  7. I could almost consider paying for a stadium tour ticket, if FAWY was guaranteed. That song is golden. It's probably gonna Soldier's Poem though.
  8. Juuso


    The site is unbearable with Firefox (extreme lag due to the background pictures, the questions are seethrough so extremely hard to look at). Don't remember, when is the last time I've needed to change to IE for something.
  9. Foobar2000 is the best and you can visualize it without downloading any user made content fine enough. Never lags even with libraries of 10 000 > songs
  10. This is the song I've listened the most in this album even though the lyrics are fucking horrid. Better than Animals I think (lolloololoz you gave more score in your review, fuck you) and the only song that I think will really carry on after this album. It is nothing special, but it is a really good "modern" pop song.
  11. I'd say this is more about Muse's tradition to end albums with a bang: Knights of Cydonia ending up being THE Muse song and Exogenesis being just overly bombastic. Because that is the way they've done it, people expect it and now when it doesn't happen, they're at loss. In other words, nothing wrong with 2nd law as closer.
  12. I like the, should I say, marxist edge your songs have with that overly present timbre on the instruments that play the section one could figure brass could be at. It is clearly a work of art in the sense that a non-educated person can get a glimpse into higher culture through your use of resonances that you've equalized with an interesting signal-to-noise ratio. I would recommend this to any friend of traditional Soviet rock music, because the Kino resemblances are quite lovely.
  13. Which is why it's also better than Unsustainable for example. The straightforward rhythm really emphasizes the singing and the grandness of the song. Too bad the lyrics and singing take it to Eurovision, but well it's Muse so it's destined to be camp.
  14. What Skrillex, Knife Party and Doctor P et al are to dubstep is the same what nu-metal was to metal in the nineties. Brostep is not longer mediation on bass with heavy dub influences intertwined with 2-step rhythms, it's just the most obvious effects used in dubstep cranked to max and blasted out at frat parties (usually accompanied with very basic rhythms patterns; usually just house). It is good in what it is, energetic party music that gets people moshing and as such, it could work with Muse songs if done right, but it seems they heard Kill Everybody once and decided that if we play it backwards with our instruments it's good enough for our album.
  15. Big Freeze, Survival and especially Explorers are just bad songwriting. They should be gone or completely reworked. Their production style should change especially considering backing vocals. They're backing vocals. There's something wrong with Liquid state's production I haven't yet pinpointed. The vocals sound just weird. The song itself is a bit dull, but not as bad as the three mentioned. Muse should just generally take a course in subtlety.
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