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    Anne Broccoli
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    Further up north than you probably are.
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    Eating, talking, drinking tea, moaning, ranting, sleeping and a bit more moany ranting for good measure. Sometimes I do a bit of painting too. Which is nice.
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    That'd be telling.
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    Goldfrapp, Rufus Wainwright, Franz Ferdinand, Foo Fighters, Kasabian, Smiths, Blur, Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, David Bowie, Jane's Addiction, Nirvana, Suede, Stone Roses, Pixies, Guillemots, the Feeling (sad, I know...) We are Scientists and really too many others to mention.
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    Trading Places, Withnail and I, Amelie, Groundhog Day, A Clockwork Orange, The Piano, Edward Scissorhands, Austin Powers (but not Goldmember cos that's pants).
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    Father Ted, Dr Who, Fast Show, The Prisoner, Catweazle, Auf Weidersehen Pet, Alan Partridge, Mighty Boosh, Cassanova, Black Books, Look Around You, Little Britain, reality TV bobbins...like the Apprentice and Big Brother.
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    Round Ireland with a Fridge, Yes Man, Are you Dave Gorman, Harry Potter, Music Biographies and pretty much anything about music.

    Crime novels and Chick Lit. Hey, I'm not proud....
  • Muse Releases Owned
    All the albums and DVD's plus some dodgy bootlegs I got off dodgy blokes on tinterweb....
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    Newcastle 19.11.06
    Wembley 16.6.07
    Wembley 17.6.07
    Copenhagen 24.10.07
    Lisbon 6.6.08
    Birmingham 10.11.09
    London 02 13.11.09
  1. Hehe, I get ya - HOW ARE YOU?? *hugs* and :kiss: So lovely to hear from you!


    You should friend me up on fb - I'll PM you the link. Funny you mention Suede - I was just talking about them at some length about a month on that thread.


    I'm doing very well, thank you :D Just working and looking forward to summer!

  2. As you can probably guess, I don't visit here as often as I used to! I spend waaaay too much time on facebook these days playing inane games....


    You certainly do owe me an epic Suede post, just as I probably owe you a great long tract on the wonders of shoegazing! Lovely to hear from you btw- how are you doing? xx

  3. You still visit here? :LOL: I think I owe you an epic Suede post!

  4. So you succumbed to the book of teh face! What's your details so I can add you?

  5. Ha I have succumbed to the fate of bookface now...It had to be done eventually I suppose! So how you liking the new Muse album??

  6. Hello Kev Got the same problem I'm afraid; I can't log in to the forum from anywhere but home as I've lost my password- could you send me a reminder please? Also, is this the same password I need to download Eurasia? If not, where do I get that password from? Many thanks x
  7. No bookface for me thanks! I think you should keep at it with the writing... all it takes is to find that one person who shares the same interest as you!

  8. It's been ages hasn't it? Been on facebook far more than here (you on there too?). You have a media company? Very interesting. What's the film about? Would love to do stuff like that too- I write, have finished a novel and on with a couple more but haven't got the nerve to do anything much with it all. Maybe one day.....

  9. So the new album is called The Resistance, wonder what that means though? (probably to do with Matt's obsession with aliens and conspiracy theories) It has been a long time since we last spoke so got any interesting stories to tell? I've just been working on a film for my media company. Speak soon :p

  10. Nice to know it's not just me and there are others out there who know where I'm coming from on this one:happy: Certainly will be enjoying that drink on you
  11. So liking Twilight is a movement? Bloody hell and there was me just thinking it was a few books and a film. In Stephenie Meyer's defence, surely if someone like ourselves (a so called 'proper' Muser) was to write or produce something, as fans we would do so to a soundtrack including Muse or feel somewhat inspired by them in some way. To my knowledge she has never said she's their biggest fan either. Exactly +1! All this just strikes me of stupid point scoring and snobbery. Somewhat perversely I'm rather pleased Muse's music is in Twilight just because it's pissed off a whole load of uptight precious Muse fans who think they are superior. If they were truly the fans that they think they are they wouldn't mind one iota. To whinge on that uncool people now like Muse just demonstrates the very same characteristic that they hate in other people- liking something because they think it's cool. Muse could have a song in some lame arsed Disney shite or whatever wouldn't make any difference to you if you really loved their music through thick and thin. And as for Muse losing credibility for having a song in Twilight, get real. As if anyone who actually matters (i.e. anyone over the age of 10) would perceive the band any differently just because of that:rolleyes: I'm sure the music press and Muse's peers in other bands are all going "OMGZZZ Muse are like so lame and we hate them now because they have 30 seconds of one of their songs in Twilight"....
  12. OMG you flatter me, thinking I look like Patrick Stewart! :D Been a while since I was here as well. Should come by more often, it seems lively as ever. Oldies thread? I'll pay a visit methinks! :)

  13. Hey How are you? V long time no see/hear but then I'm not here as much as I used to be....


    I'm off to the Oldies thread now, you should pop by some time, always room for another (and you don't have to be an 'oldie' either. I mean, I'm not....;)).


    S x


    PS liking the new profile photo. Reminds me of whatshisname off Star Trek and no I don't mean Mr Spock obv!

  14. So there's still no clear answer as to how many octaves he can sing in. Heard somewhere that men's voices change and can lose their higher and gradually go deeper- anyone know if that's true? Any evidence of this with Matt so far over the years? Would be a hell of a loss if he couldn't do the high notes as well in the future.
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