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    There's so much more to the teletubbies than just dwarves dressed up in brightly coloured fat suits you know...
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    I don't encourage stalkers...
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  1. Digamos que usted tiene acceso a un descuento por créditos rápidos el pago de su proveedor anterior, pero que dude? No importa cuál es la razón, es conveniente para calcular la tasa anual para evaluar su costo de oportunidad. Un descuento por pronto pago o descuento pronto pago es una oportunidad para invertir en la empresa mediante la inyección de una cantidad antes de tiempo con el fin de obtener un retorno: el descuento . Sin embargo, esta inversión podría privar a otros sectores. Anualizando la tasa de pronto pago le ayudará a comparar su rendimiento con su costo de capital, que le dirá si es más rentable invertir en la franquicia de descuento que en el negocio a otra parte .

  2. OMG ELLIE! You alive???!! How you been?


  4. Lmao! I got the free aeros too :o bet you thought you were special huh?! WELL YOUZ NOT! :p

    I went to the 12th too.. and is also going to the 11th Wembo gig - clearly both picking teh best dates ;D

    Speak to you soon, how about a PMT session for ol' times sake! xx

  5. How could i resist you lydia :p I went me to the ol' nov 12th at le o2 and got myself several free aeros :D It was really about more than muse for me...What date did u pitch up?

    I'm hibernating until Wembo take 2. CAN'T believe they pulled the ol' added date stunt again but twas to be expected...i'm Sept 11th all the way simply because i can't afford both nights :p xxx

  6. Yay - you're back! You listened to me muahaha. What Muse gig(s) did you go? Hope you enjoyed! So.. Wembo part 2 or what missy? xx

  7. Lyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyydiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!!! :D xxx

  8. Oi binty - get back on the boards is it?! x

  9. love your signature ;)

  10. Futurism - 117 I swear i've heard it like twice in my life...maybe the people in my laptop are listening to it secretly
  11. Hyper Chondriac Music, i'm never in the mood for Hyper Music, tis just too annoying and 'shouty'. Yes i'm an elderly lady.
  12. I lost an argument based on The Doors > Muse yesterday, I felt sad
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