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    I was born, did some stuff
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    Art, Cooking, Travel, Music, Film, Geekery
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    Depeche Mode, the rest vary, I just love music in general
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    Leon, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Pan's Labyrinth, Withnail & I, too many to mention..
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    Dexter, Lost, Futurama, Simpsons, Being Human, Top Gear, Q.I, Mock the week, Derren Brown..
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    I mostly like non fiction books like biographies, language books, witty stuff etc.. Fiction Harry Potter innit
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    Albums, sold everything else
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    Earls Court 19th 04
    Nottingham Arena 06
    Wembley Stadium 16th 07
    Wembley Stadium 17th 07
    Parc des Princes 07
    Finland Helsinki Ice Hall 07
    Royal Albert Hall 08
    Dublin Marlay Park 08
    Teignmouth The Den 4th 09
    Teignmouth The Den 5th 09
    Dublin o2 Depot 09
    Birmingham NIA 09
    London o2 Arena 12th 09
    London o2 Arena 13th 09
    Stade de Suisse 10
    Stade de France 12th 10
    Reading Festival 11

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  2. I'm happy you liked your gifts, I'm sorry I have not been on the board but my computer is crap right now. How has the cookbook worked out for you?

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