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For a Plug In Baby/The Groove sound:


Fuzz Factory:


Vol: as you want but not too much... :)

Gate: 11

Comp: 1

Drive: 3

Stab: between 2 and 5.


And the clean channel settings (because the FF sound depends enormously on that):


Treble: 1

Middle: 9,5

Bass: 2,5


All is in o'clock notation.

Some modifications are possible because of the different tone of each amp and pickups.

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ha yeh


this thread is basically dead. it all happened a long time ago when that one dude wrote a shit load of settings in one reply :)


there's been a few questions, and a lot of repetition, some mailing questions, and now thats it.


this thread will come alive when the next album comes out!

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