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  1. That's awesome, you need to go visit him though!

    Cat's back and so am I! :D

  2. That's the spirit, you sexy fox, you!

  3. And who on earth gave you that assessment?

    They're clearly a fool, have some confidence in your abilities! :p

  4. If that's when you're here yes. I'll need a hug because it will be COLD.

    I'll show you around if you've not been before.

  5. You can have a hug if I see you in Liverpool. :D


    It's hard to type my Liotta laugh.



  7. I guess I shall have to man up and get it then. :/

  8. I'm here every day - mod duties guv. I'm just MAGIK AND INVIZABUL!


    I just can't do much reading/chatting. I'm blitzing an assignment for tonight :/

    I'm jolly envious of you for having a lizard on your shoulder though!


    My emo mentalness is being replaced with uni work mode so I should be able to play out more soon.


    Lucy's gonna be in Liverpool soon too. JELLY?

  9. Then don't go around inviting strange guys to lick you!

    Lick you. Hrrr.

  10. Happy Birthday (late), kiddo! :D

  11. Yes, let's make this happen!

  12. Give me a song idea to make! :D

  13. It was a wonderful dinosaur!

    I just recognised it was lady handwriting. :p


    Nah, I have to be here to help the girl with her revision, she's coming back this weekend for and exam on Monday. So I'll be occupado until then. Also, I don't want you seeing me with panda face, gotta get mended first. I appreciate your care though *hugs*

  14. Hello there Bleebabe. :)

    I got your letter. It was very lovely and made my smile. I guessed it was from you when I saw the envelope. :D Though initially I did wonder who had my address and would send things to me.

    You would have had me buzzing you with thanks immediately but I've been a bit meh recently. Gone into seclusion with my broked face and stuff. *cuddles*

  15. Hooray! ^_^

    It's not because I don't like you, it would most likely be out of fear of disappointing you. :(

  16. But you POMISED! :(

    Sounds like me, I refuse to see everyone.

  17. You owe ME a song, BEYATCH! :cool:

    *moral high ground*

    Also, send me a confession.

  18. but next year's an idiot. :(

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