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  1. equipment guru my ass yes, get the fuzz factory if your ok spending that much money, it's worth it. deciding whether to "upgrade" to the fuzz probe is another issue...which is talked about a lot in this thread
  2. with returns like that and no3chris (good name...) saying mature stuff like "its cause hes gay", it's just a cycle. your a matt wannabe coz you got the fuzz factory and then asking silly questions about your sound. how the hell will we know if it beefs up your sound. i know........how about try it, and tell yourself the answer. like haze said, it's all about experimentation and getting the sound you want. you have your own gear, it'll sound so much different to anyone elses most of the time, sometimes even if its the same stuff. so think about what your writing before you submit and i was annoyed because newbies could search through this thread for settings. its what its for!! i doubt people will keep repeating themselves over and over again for each newbie what a twat
  3. god newbies....we gotta chill coz these repetitive questions come all the time search the start of this thread for a long list of settings. yes it does take a while to get a good sound out of it apparently, though god knows what retards you all are because it doesnt take me hours to turn the knobs. so keep turning until you do...glad i helped you on that and use the ff for whatever sound u want! god....the pain. "im a matt wannabee...i've got a ff now....what shall i do next?" if your not creating a replicate sound, then try a combination to get the sound you want e.g. if u have the spider amp, but it on distortion channel and make the pedal squeal. as you press onto the pedal, the frequency will raise and then stop, and then you hear the amps distortion no more newbie shit plz!
  4. as a probe owner, i'd really advise thinking about getting the factory. although i havent used my pedals wackyness much, that might be a point for u.....all the pedal can really do is control the pitch of the feedback, which is musically crap and been done by matt. saying that tho, if ur really wanting those weird matt sounds then just getting the factory is kinda pointless because to change the constant feedback fq you need to bend dow and play around with the controls for me, the pedal on the probe is a gimick, otherwise matt would have it and so would john f from chilli's. use what you have and create cool sounds using that and a factory. like i said, overrated
  5. we've discussed this, and no it wasnt! it wasnt signed by him and you paid like £30+ to get it glittery in the same colour for your sake i hope its a genuine zvex product, there's lots of copies out there
  6. i ment in between the wires that attach the copper plate to the fuzz factory. perhaps you can ground it, so that it kinda turns it "off" (although it would be like having your foot on the pedal) when switched, switch again and the copper plate is allowed the change the frequency. and thats for installing it into the guitar, you'd drill another hole for the on/off switch and dunno why im typing, noones gonna try this!
  7. what the hell? am i missing something. fuzz factory IS a fuzz probe. fuzz probe is a fuzz factory. they're the same. fuzz probe just has more, thats all. if ur talking about installing it into your guitar, and worried that the plate will be active when set and will start changing the frequency, then if you were clever just add an on/off switch in the middle of the wires contecting the plate, i dunno and dont put a fuzz factory in your guitar for gods sake!
  8. fuzz factory in a guitar is a boring and matt wannabe idea. but a fuzz probe.....now thats slightly different. and if ur willing and have the money, i'd go for it. is it possible to remove the copper plate and reduce that in size? it shouldnt effect the sound because its only when the ef field is disturbed does the sound change. so reduce that in size, get rid of the acrylic, install the fuzz factory into your guitar as you normally do (however that is), and have a small hole to thread the wire through so the copper plate can be glued down onto the guitar somewhere personally i'd velcro it each time to my crotch. the comical squeals as i rub myself would amuse the crowd im sure
  9. has more knobs?? am i missing knobs? isnt the fuzz probe literally a fuzz factory box with the copper plate-acrylic combo on the side? what knobs?
  10. ha yeh this thread is basically dead. it all happened a long time ago when that one dude wrote a shit load of settings in one reply there's been a few questions, and a lot of repetition, some mailing questions, and now thats it. this thread will come alive when the next album comes out!
  11. i dunno if that was sarcastic or what i've removed the parcel tape a while ago actually...it was there to hold the strap there coz i liked its positioning, but i can now play without it, so i guess that pic is a lil unaccurate
  12. yeh, mine has a few scratches too..... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v204/randombaz/000_1269.jpg
  13. this is certainly a long thread to beginner guitars...i think i'll contribute to its size! i have played on a variety of guitars under the £500 price range and still like mine the best...and its only an epiphone lp100. im comfortable with it, (more so now the neck is sanded down to remove the laquered paint - personal thing) im a confident beginner....as in i know quite a bit, and especially know what to look for now in guitars, and im still happy with my choice. i wouldnt swap it. i wouldnt want a single coil guitar, the weight is fine, sound seems fine, style i like, etc. and i've also compared it to my friends epiphone "standard" which people say sounds nicer coz it has a glued in neck rather than bolt on. expensive fender guitars have bolt ons, and i didnt notice the difference in sound. so dont be fooled by audiophiles is my story there........until i guess your really experienced! another my point i want to say is, i think you have to try the guitar and get something you like. this sounds cliche, but bare with me..i went back to the shop to try out the spider 2 amp, and told them i want to try it on an epiphone lp100. they handed me one off the wall and it was fucking horrible to play. god i think it even 2 top nylon strings or something. when your a beginner, check out harmonycentral.com , ask questions (as your doing) on forums IF no other threads exist that can help...then with your budget go to a guitar shop. if u like it then and you like playing on it....you'll work on it. i find with everything musical u can always get something better, but i buy what i can afford and make, if i dont mind me saying, great music out of it with anything musical.....go and try it if u have access. its the only way
  14. apparently think about getting an eq pedal random question....cant b bothered to open a whole new thread coz i think its one answer (mainly to biohazard).......what do metal plated style guitars like yours sound like compared to it in just wood form?
  15. yeh, one 12inch speaker. just played it again just now. its not recreating the sound, but just produced a cool sound to play. i might be playing stockholme syndrome at the live music stand during the big societies fair at my year this septemeber (singing and guitar). first rockish concert for moi actually! wish me luck
  16. ha i was just coming back onto this thread to say (may have already been said)...i find it really fun to play with spider 2 112 amp on insane green distortion and put on flange at its most min setting (first thing u activate on the modulation control)....bridge humbucker - get massive feedback and then let rip! awesome to play
  17. yeh i knew about this a few months ago, just coz i was gonna install a killswitch on my guitar, and the shopkeeper made the obvious killswitch variation. although im worried one day my epiphone lp switch wont work, i hear the mess up really easily and at that time of being told, amusingly enough, i thought my tone and volume controls were bust.....i basically got confused which was for what and when.....its obvious now, but i think for beginner guitars there should be a manual of somesort. manuals are nice rather than just "here u go" which is what u get with epiphone guitars. but maybe thats just me
  18. hey thanks for the inspiration, especially with a kill switch (i just do humbuckered volume down thing) good idea. what do u mean by psuedo modulation?
  19. yeh it will be crazy. the speed of phaser oscillations will be actually determined by a kinda-of paddling pool in the final version...a paddle pointlessly creates waves, which causes a float to select the phaser motion analoguely. i have no idea what im talking about, but it will be done...
  20. yeh if i had more money i'd give the others a go. but then again, its easy to always want more! which is why when im very rich, i'm going to buy every pedal in the world and make a giant pedal board. it'll consume most of the arena stage in which i'll obviously be playing, and i'll require small trampolines to move from one area to another, but i'll sound space-age, maaaaaaan
  21. yeh its a good idea to try pedals out of course, but there isnt a music shop who stocks fuzz factorys / probes in cardiff/bristol, so i couldnt try it out, could i? i never regret buying it, coz i know i could sell it here for the price i got it if i hated it. atm i think the fuzz range is interesting and has potential, but im trying to find musical use of the thermin. got any tips?
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