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  1. Sure you'll have that! Don't think there's any way to easily get over someone. Though getting under someone else works as a quick fix sometimes.

  2. If I'm still in this place in a year I will actually kill myself. Her incredibly hot friend was around this evening (a actual 10 to mavis' 8.5/9) and still, every time I look at Mavis my heart is going 'SHE'S A 15'.

    It's hard work. Snap out of it. :awesome:

  3. As the cast of High School Musical once sang... actually no, I won't go there. Here if you need to talk innit. Very much been in the same boat for the guts of a year now! Plans for New Years?

  4. Oh I'd really rather not be!

  5. Don't be a sad Jon.

  6. It was worth the infraction, would have taken a ban haha

  7. your thar she blows post officially makes you my favourite muser. I send good vibes and unicorn wishes your way.

  8. Oh yeah forgot about that, definitely!

  9. i do the day before, but i'm coming up for debs party that day, you're going aren't you?

  10. Yep sure - you have a gig then or something?

  11. awesome, maybe do the deal in london on the 7th?

  12. Yeah why not - I don't use it and I need the cash!

  13. i will [urchase the pedal for 40 quid. DEAL?

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