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  1. Evening all, where are you lads buying your peddles these days?
  2. I will post it for a large enough offer but otherwise I'm sure there's someone in London who can get it easily for free! I don't want it any more.
  3. As per the title. This is free to whoever comes and gets it first (not a trap). I'm not posting it because I'm lazy. Assorted CDs and records, some promo shit. The catch is that there are mostly no cases/etc because it all got wet when my house flooded - most of it looks fine though. Also it's free. Does not come with anything on the table that isn't an item of Muse merch. PS. Mods, put this wherever you like.
  4. Friend of mine is doing a series of livelounge style videos in his front room and let me make a terrible noise for him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn-fGNrAWBs Give the channel a follow if you can!
  5. If this is still available, finally I can realise my MoC dreams!
  6. Sure you'll have that! Don't think there's any way to easily get over someone. Though getting under someone else works as a quick fix sometimes.

  7. If I'm still in this place in a year I will actually kill myself. Her incredibly hot friend was around this evening (a actual 10 to mavis' 8.5/9) and still, every time I look at Mavis my heart is going 'SHE'S A 15'.

    It's hard work. Snap out of it. :awesome:

  8. As the cast of High School Musical once sang... actually no, I won't go there. Here if you need to talk innit. Very much been in the same boat for the guts of a year now! Plans for New Years?

  9. Oh I'd really rather not be!

  10. Don't be a sad Jon.

  11. It was worth the infraction, would have taken a ban haha

  12. your thar she blows post officially makes you my favourite muser. I send good vibes and unicorn wishes your way.

  13. Oh yeah forgot about that, definitely!

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