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  1. It's such a shame they didn't bring Tom M onto the stage to play a Rage song. That would have been insane!
  2. Completely agree. Got better certainly, however I felt it was flat for far too long. Interaction with the crowd seemed poor, even for them. Stop singing into cameras.... The Chris / Matt Dom dynamic seemed a little strange, anyone else pick up on that? I was at the front on the rail and there was some space around me. Not until the melody did some life come into the people around me. Anyone know what the pre show Synth music was?
  3. Matt-O-caster

    Psycho UK Tour

    Where do you get the passcode? Been a member since origin but not sure where the code is?
  4. What's up dude.:musesign::musesign:

  5. since 1996 ive been telling anybody who would listen... and many that wouldnt to listen to muse lol
  6. thx for the tips its helped a bit i just need to keep messing around with it. If i find any settings that sound musey ill post them.
  7. can any 1 give me some tips for using my fuzz factory. I'm finding it hard to get a desent sound which doesn't scream when i stop playing, or start screaming when i change cord. thx in advance for any help and yes i have read all that has been said to this point in this forum.
  8. how does matt make that crazy noise on the guitar which is mostly done for the start of plug in baby and the start of the new born guitar part? eg listen to glasto mp3. What effect is he using? How Is it done? thx
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