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Best Work of Muse: Which One Is A Real Masterpiece?


Which One Is The Best Masterpiece of Muse?  

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  1. 1. Which One Is The Best Masterpiece of Muse?

    • Butterflies & Hurricanes
    • Cave
    • Citizen Erased
    • Exogenesis: Symphony
    • Fury
    • Knights of Cydonia
    • Micro Cuts
    • New Born
    • Showbiz
    • Space Dementia

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The lack of votes for Space Dementia makes me sick because I adore that song!


Haha I see what you did there. "You make me sick because I adore you soooo." Lyric from Space Dementia


But if that was a coincidence, then that would be weird.


Anyways I vote Citizen Erased. I love the Exogenesis Symphony but something tells me to vote CE. Also I don't really like Pt.2 that much as 1 and 3.


Oh and I think Take a Bow should be there. One of Muse's best music endings in a song. All that tension just leading up to the end! Epic! :D

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All of the poll options are great songs, and there are probably more I could add to it, but Butterflies & Hurricanes does really epitomize the perfect Muse song to me. Such a thrilling yet beautiful track. I don't hate the later Muse stuff like some do, but still, they have yet to again touch the beauty of B&H.

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They're all great songs, either Exogenesis or Citizen Erased get my vote, Last few days though I'm loving City of Delusion, that to is a masterpiece :happy: (In my opinion :ninja: before I get trolled)


Agreed on CoD :yesey:

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